Tuesday, July 25, 2006

To my Debate juniors

I just want to tell my juniors aka the MJC Debate Team 06 that i am not pissed with you guys. I just couldn't see you all fall apart like that. Also, every single one of you have the potential to make it far. Do not let anything come between you guys.

To Yih Ching, Rani and Nicholas, i hope my session with you guys helped. Thanks for the tag Nicholas, but i really hope that your prep tomorrow goes well and so does the match against HCI. Like Deborah said, they are beatable, so give your best shots.

Keep me updated on the news. Have a good prep session tomorrow, take care of each other, be a team and show the HCI-ians who you guys really are. Most important: Have Fun and Take away a learning point no matter what the outcome is.

I am optimistic. Do your best and remember your seniors' motto: Debating brings out the bitch in you.


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