Monday, July 10, 2006

Who remembers Rustu of Turkey?

The World cup is finally over. Italy won, Yippie for them. Poor Zidene got provoked by an Italian and decided to become a Bull and head butt that player, aint it a sad way to retire or remembered, but in my eyes he is a Great Player. I was so happy for Oliver Kahn when he toke on his position of the Goalie and helped his team to be 3rd in place. Besides Kahn, my other favourite Goalies include David Seamen and David James of Endland and Rustu of Turkey(P.s he is a Taurus as well, wohoo!!). Who can remember him? Not only was he an amazing Goalie but i loved his 2 black streaks below his eyes like a hockey player, to reflect the light off so that he can keep track of the Ball and thats what he did!!

I am feeling the heat of the A's. I hope i can stick to my plan and achieve my goals. I am just going to take a day at a time. My short-term goals are absolutely critical for me to get my long -term goals to be true.

The upcoming JCDC's has got me all fire-ry about debates again. I can feel that my juniors are much better then what we were. Infact, some of them are even better then me. So the 15th is a day off from studying. However, at the end of the day, i just want them to learn and have fun.

For some weird reason, i feel contented for the day. I have not accomplished a single thing in academic sense and it already 8.44 pm right now. I really need to get something done, if not i really deserve a slap.


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