Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Practise, Peseverance and Prayer

I am going to do exactly what my grades are right now: DOO. I am not going to be giving up and lying in the wallows. I am going to push myself and achieve my aims. Nothing is going to stop me now. The situation at home, whatever it may be is not going to hinder me. I will do what i want.

The results of the entire cohort except for those that have studied hard and well are dismall. I just want to tell all students who will be sitting for the A levels at the end of this year that these are not our A level grades and if we work hard enough, we will achieve whatever goals we have set out for ourselves.

This week has given me a feeling of moving on with a huge surge. I have no idea why, but its good. This is exactly what i am going to do. I shall not allow myself to be held back by anything.

I will push my limits till i can, after which i will let myself be. While i will hit my books with force, i will also keep in mind others who are in the "race" together.

No matter what I am going to peservere and prove myself capable of doing Law. Just like how i plowed through thousands of blogskins to find this blogskin that fits my idea of a blogskin that i would like, I will plow through the notes and all else and achieve those grades that I want to get.

I am not being over-confident but I am just keeping myself on the toes to prepare for whatever comes my way.

Practise, Persevearance and Prayer is the Way!


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