Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Crazy, Crazy Me

I just went berzerk today after lunch. I did crazy and silly things. Not right after lunch, i need my lunch to be digested first. (OK, i am still feeling rather crappy, so bear with my antics if you are preparing to continue reading the post.)

It was right before the double Literature lecture, when our class was leaving the library. I saw Wan Wen's pencil box and decided to hide it but considering i couldn't hide it, i placed it in the top shelf of that "bag-place" and moved it even higher because Wan Wen said that she could reach it. Although i returned it to her soon after (5 seconds hadn't even passed), my guilt conscious just made me feel horrible. Thats why i am going to be apologising once again: I am sorry Wan Wen, i am really, really sorry.

After the double lit lecture with the last one making me almost drift off, i went crazy again. I did a silly jig-like move to Evie's and Marlina's rendition of the Ninja Turtles' theme song. It was 'performed' right before Mr Chris Chen and he got a shock and commented throughout the entire lesson later. Actually i wante to know what the theme song was like so that i could continue teasing Justin about is Caribee-branded backpack that makes it look like he has a Ninja Turtle shell.

Mr Chen's lesson was cool as usual with him plotting a curve to prove Dr. S's theory about every novel that can plotted as a curve. His graph was drawn with the y-axis as violence and the x-axis as sex and drew three curves, under which you slot in a book. Gosh, that lesson was fun, in addition to my 'smoking' skills to bluff my way through an answer with some knowledge which turned out to be right. It was a fluke, so do not try to emulate that during an exam.

P.E was the last session of netball that we will be playing for this year. It was funny and loads of fun.

I am just smiling from the day went today especially with my mum's random comment on me being a good girl when i was young. Do not try to analyse this post, its filled with random stuff and will in turn fill your brain with random stuff. Also, do not try to organise my random stuff, just go have a nice good night's sleep.

Sleep tight ya'll.


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