Saturday, September 23, 2006

Eye Reliever

I had to blog about this because i simply cannot think of a place where i can write this down and will definately refer to after the A levels.

Arundhati Roy,
Kiran Desai,
Anita Desai,
Manju Kapur,
Jodi Picoult
Andrew Morton - Diana: Her True Story
Louisa M Alcott - Series after Little Woman

Plays by Tennesse Williams(original name Thomas Lanier Williams)

I shall keep updating this post till after the A levels after which i will need to sort out my previous planner which was never used except to write the titles of books that i have read and want to read again. It also included movies that i want to watch and movies that i have watched and want to watch again. If i still remember correctly, it also includes the names of the series that i want to watch.

I think i should just add those names here should i discover that i had done otherwise.

Series and Mini Series:
The Brady Bunch,
The Nanny,
Judging Amy,
Family Law,
Sue Thomas F. B Eye,
King Henry the Eigth(roman letters)
Cleopatra( The old series)

Oh and i have to make a list of all the Hallmark Movies that i have watched and want to watch.

Also a List of Movies:
Marie Antoinette (both 1938 and 2006)
Little Woman

Songs that i have to look for:
Usha Uthup's Kohin Yahaan from the movie Disco Dancer.

Natacha Atlas's album: Something Dangerous and other world musicians

Highlife Music - genre from Ghana and recent album: The Guitar and the Gun

Also a album: Garota Moderna jointly produced by Italian DJ/producer Nicola Conte and Brazilian singer Rosalia de Souza

Well this sure does seem like a whole lot of things that i have pending. This will be 2nd on my list next year with the 1st: cleaning and scrubbing out my room and rearranging everything, i seriously have to get my room in a much more arranged manner than it is right now. I know its clean and neat and meticulous and all right now but i just want to be the fussy person that i am, i will still rearrange my room.


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