Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I am off on a blogging break

Instead of going with the norm and saying of going on a hiatus, i rather make it sound like i am going off to have fun...not.

Actually i do have my usual urges to blog about the increasing amount of time i have been spending in the kitchen, going grocery shopping every weekend and the way i have been getting irritated this these days, i find that it is actually not significant. All these things should actually be going into my diary but i have not been writting in it since the beginning of this year, its really sad but i bet that i will make up all for it after 23rd Nov.

As much as i would love to argue out that it was absolutely unfair for the marker who marked my GP Essay and failed me also went schizophrenic and gave me ticks throughout the enitre essay but no comments. I really feel that the GP tutors had more than a month and it may sound selfish to say this but really please do not give us the excuse of being under pressure. For goodness sake, we are under pressure as well. Really, i have alot to say but its all emotions that will come out after this and make absolute no sense. However, GP tutors are rigid, schizophrenic and rather unforgiving to the students when they fail them because they have already marked the rest of the cohort according to the original essay scheme and the revision to the scheme is not implemented to the essays that were marked and were going to be marked - so for either case students fail. ( If any tutor that comes across this, please do not fire me for what i have written here, because this is the impression us students are getting and the number of failures is appalling.Also this is a space where i want to air my opinions, so please do not infringe on it. I am sorry if i hurt your feelings but loads of students' morales have been hurt and what are you going to do about it? )

So i am going of on a blogging break. No, i am not letting go of this blog, i intend to keep it for a long time. I will reply to any comments and tags left on this blog, if any.

With that, i would like to wish my Blog Happy birthday in advance as it will be a year old on 9th October.


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