Sunday, January 15, 2006

Always changing

I was reading Vanessa's blog yesterday and what she wrote really made sense, she said that after this year we will never get the same environment and atmosphere as our hilarious class again.It is true but then again, isn't it the same whenever a change in life occurs right?

For the last couple of days i have been lost in my own thoughts at times and realise how life can just be so surprising or uncanny. Yet a few things remain constant and never-changing and we may tend to forget them if they remain in the background. I hope i never ignore these essential things/people before i do something silly like forgetting their presence.

Besides all these abstract stuff that i usually write about, i have another interesting piece of news that will dispel thoughts of me being a lazzy piggy(like i am really affected by that....haha.) We had a religious gathering at my place and my mum had decided to make dinner for all the 40+ people that were coming. As my maid was fired in December, there were a pile of utensils that needed intense scrubing and washing by the time i reached home at 5.30 pm from an exhausting day at school thanks to a morning run in the hot sun that decided to appear after days of non-stop raining. So i had a quick shower to remove the sweat and grime from all the running and began washing all these weird utensils that make their presence known during cooking for masses. So i began washing from 6 till 10pm. I was in a daze: 1st for washing a huge mound of utensils at one shot, non-stop, 2nd for the state that my hands were in thanks to the dishwashing liquid( the bottle was 3/4s empty when i finished) and 3rd the aches in my shoulder and back. Till yesterday my hands felt as if they were vacuum packed in a rigid plastic glove. Before i hit the sack yesterday, i decided to use my trusty 1st choice hand lotion: Cocoa butter hand and body lotion from Marks and Spensers. This morning i was shocked when i looked at my hands, i had bits and pieces of dead skin flakes that removed the plastic like feeling from my hands but left them looking as if there was a fall of dandruff on my hands as the dead skin was coming off from every single mm of my palms. So this morning after my bath i used my 2nd most trusty choice: Jergens' Original Scent Cherry Almond moisturiser that has restored my hands to its original state.

With that a piece of advice, always know your body and use products that suit you. Do not go and experiment with every single product that comes out in the market and do not use them just because someone you know is using them as your body is very different from the next . I am saying this from watching my mum trial and error with new products that i have alrady lost count and she hasn't benefitted from this at all. Oh, and if you do have the option of getting a product that smells great( i mean those which have natural essence not fake strawberry smells) instead of those without scent, get that because the smell will make you feel good and by feeling good its a psychological thing that makes recovery faster.

Another reason for feeling good is that the Sun has finally decided to shine its warmth and light on Singapore again after days of thunderstorms that left everyone and everything gloomy. Thank you....


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