Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Rain is Sweet

Well today was one of my crazy days, I ran for the wrong bus, ran down 4 floors for my bottle, felt my brain stretch during GP, was kinda Crazy during CCA reqruitment, found out that David will no longer be coaching us, laughed with the Debator Grls and Sherry for absolute no darn reason, was infuriated at certain behaviours of certain people(please do not ask me who they are) and absolutely disgusted at a selected few.

Would like to thank David for being absolutely patient with his worst student( or whatever we are called), being sweet in his own ways which just gross all of us out and being his vain self. Yes we know you are in your prime Mr Gabriel, Senior. Mr Gabriel, Junior is your son Mark.

Am kinda waiting to meet my juniors for eldds, and meet our new coach who happens to be young, younger than Ms K( do not worry i will not expose your age) and a national debator. Lets hope the lunch on Saturday works out.

I feel drained for some reason and i enjoyed falling asleep on the sofa, all curled up and nice cool wind blowing in from the balcony. I woke up with a blocked nose but i love the feeling of waking up refreshed yet dazed.

I miss the days i spent in TKG with my best friend, having lunch and recess at the weirdest places, earning CIP ours by growing veggies in the greenhouse and persuading teachers to buy and ended up getting our teacher-in-charge Mr Peh to buy them all, Squabbling with Mr Kevin Ang like how i do with Mr Chris Chen right now( btw both of them enjoy squba diving, hope that if they ever meet during their expeditions, the fact that i am their student doesn't prop up....however i think they are amazing teachers, just the way teachers should be), walking around the whole school with my nose in my books without banging into anything or anyone and greeting teachers at the same time, being top reader of the month for about 6-7 months not only for my level but was the top reader of all 4 levels, and just chatting away in class and being part of the different triple science class.

This post seems filled whats gone, and i truly believe that i will never forget these times. To all who i have known, hope you have a great future and hope to meet in the future. Take Care and Good Nite to all. Its raining again and i cant wait to curl up under my soft blankies again....Sweet Dreamz to all..... The rain falls softly with a sweet lullaby that lulls me and everyone off to sleep...


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