Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year to all

Before i rattle of as usual, would just like to wish all my friends and readers Happy Chinese New Year.

Lisa has been asking me for shorter posts, but dearie i can't because what i have to say usually takes long to describe or explain and realising that i am not an avid blogger, i have to kinda make up for the long stagnant periods that my blog goes through. Take pity on my blog.

Anyway, wanted to thank Marlz for the amazing eggless cinnamon buns that she baked for me when she actually baked a batch for Adher, Alan and Marilyn for their birthdays. I think my class is seriously beginning to get the hang of our long school hours although we complain alot. Lisa has made me a proficient whiner now although i aint as good as her yet. The guys are going plain berzerk from all the school stuff, lessons are very heavy going(if i find them heavy going now i think i may suffer from some sort of hypertension when may-july comes when we will be finishing our syllabus and mugging for the whole serious of tests that we will be sitting for) and piles of homework that seem to appear in a blink when the weekends or holidays arrive. I think i am just fine with Lit and Geog although i seem to forget stuff during Ms K's and Mr Low's lesson, still it aint as bad as econs where i cant seem to understand Money and Prices coz i don't see any link between the three parts and between each subheading in the parts. This was reinforced when Mr Naresh decided to pick on my for the explanation of why value of some money rises or something and i was stunned as i was happily chewing gum and trying very hard to concentrate on the lecture before he shoved the mic under my face. Oh Gosh, i really do have alot to catch up. I have a feeling that Mr Chen will be popping up a Urban test soon on all the topics, maybe 2 drqs and an essay, i dunno. We will be recieving our first Paper 1 assignment for lit next week and GP is a lesson that we all dread now due to the essays and uncomprehendable questions in the Comprehensions.

While its great that school starts on wed next wekk and will be missing our 2 long days, i bet the teachers are going to try and make up for their lost time by squeezing lotsa stuff into a puny period of 50 Mins.

Oh i just remembered that the coming friday is Road Race. I will be managing the music box with fuad. Could my dear classmates, please give me names of songs that they would like to hear so that i will make a CD just for our A202, this is the least i could do since i aint running on that day. Will be cheering you on so don't worry. I feel terrible for not being able to be with you all.

So here i am, on a sunny Sunday afternoon baking in the heat trying to make some sense of Money and Prices. So Enjoy your holidays while i run off to get a choc bar to cool myself off....Tataz


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