Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The other side of teachers

For the first time I have seen the "other" side of my schoolteachers. They include Mrs L, Ms L (I figured I should hide their identity for my safety) and Mr Chris Chen. This may not seem intriguing to many but it does interest me to know that the teachers are not what they seem. (Readers, please note that I am not insulting or defaming any of these teachers.)

During a GP lesson when we were to fill in the countries of the capitals given when Mrs L decided to imitate the way certain beauty queens portray their own Countries. I didn't take her actions seriously as all of us as usual were crapping around and having fun when Mrs L burst into a serious of over exaggerated animated imitations of these beauty queens. It's absolutely hilarious to see her as no one can imitate the high-squeaky voice that she adopts accompanied with her vigorous hand movements. This just decided to stay in my mind because I have never imagined Mrs L to act in that manner or actually enjoy imitating others.

As for Ms L, I learnt about her other side during our Econs lesson when she was explaining the difference between Potential Growth and Actual Growth when she started to ask us the factors and supplement them with examples. Under the Factor of Land, someone gave the example of invading and conquering new land to increase the size of their country. I was rather disgusted by that thought (and still am) when Ms L went gleeful and said in a high-pitched voice "what was that ah? Its really good I like it, I like it" I was shocked and I asked her if we could write such an example down in the essay and she looked at me as if I was crazy and nodded her head furiously and said "of-course, why cannot?" I do know that many may not understand my fuss for not writing down such an example as it is ONLY an essay and stuff that we write will not make a difference to any government or country but what is the use of putting down this example when it is absolutely NOT Practical at all. So if u do write that down as a point and use it for evaluation purposes by saying that although it may sound good in theory in real life it is actually not feasible. I mean I am really against this example because if this was the case why would Israel be returning Palestine and West Bank to its people and why would many states be fighting to become independent such as Jammu-Kashmir, Chechnya etc (pardon my spelling mistakes and do correct me if I am wrong with my facts). I personally feel that if such examples are not realistic then they shouldn't be written down at all and not encouraged either. This is my opinion and I am not blaming anyone, everyone is free to voice their opinions.

Finally its Mr Chen, who has now named me: Princess of Northern Pakistan. Now I have no idea where that comes from or what gave him such an idea and if such a place exists. Last Year during the first three months it was Medusa thanks to my curly hair and I accepted it because its my hair but how do you expect me to except what is not true...I am simply kidding as I do know that he is only joshing. He is a Great lecturer and tutor and there is no doubt about that. His tutorials are never boring or threaten to emit a sleeping drought like air as he deviates from one topic to one of his stories(which are rally entertaining) and still manage to teach us a whole load before we realise that the 50 minutes have just whizzed past and it's the next lesson. Today he told us about how he would sprint to look at this girl that he liked at the bus-stop and how he is not kinda afraid by RG girls due to what happened in his Junior College days. After hearing this lil bit about him I realised that he is really sweet(altogether "awwwww") and caring as I remembered how he volunteered to drop Marlz home when she was sick or hurt last year. The thing is no one would think of him as sweet if you do not get to know him through his stories.

So here is what I have learnt about my teachers and it is interesting, it adds a lil bit of spice to the normal and lazy hum-drum of a typical school day. Thank you Teachers...


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