Saturday, February 11, 2006

My plain writing style

Having read my classmate's essays i have realised that i have a plain and clipped way of writing. I do horribly in Lit, all three papers and i am desperately trying hard to be lit friendly but i guess i could do with a couple of pointers from dear lisa baby who treats me like a squashy bed or pillow when actually i am absolutely bonny.

Well thats about it for pouting over my writing style coz i seriously cant go on and whine over it even if i want to. Besides that i have realised that i love observing people and i guess thats how i happen to learn alot about others even when i have not been told about their likes and dislikes. Although i love being part of nature i enjoy going to town where there are lots of eye candies, but that is besides the point. I just lurve walking through that place as its different filled with people in all colours, sizes, shapes doing loads of things. Its amazing to say hi to lil kids, tourists, and smile back at those that smile at you. It feels great when a sweet elderly grandma totters up to you and says that i shall donate $10 to you because you look like a nice girl and i know that you are(mind you i wasn't begging, i was doing CIP, i realised i had better add this in after i had published this and happend to be reading my blog for fun). I almost hugged the grannie then but i couldnt me coz my hands were filled then. Besides, i lurve to window shop at places that have great brands and at quaint little shops that seem on the verge of extinction yet they survive because people like me head down and make their day. The colonial houses that double up as museums are wonderful places to visit and finally heading down to perfume houses and test the new fragrances without the help of the saleswomen/men because they know that i am careful and i wont break their precious bottles.

I can't wait for next year when i can spend entire days in town with no nagging worries of school, although i will be paying quiet a bit as the concessionary fares terminate. Thats sad but that won't stop me from heading down there anyway. Besides the Fort Canning Park is an amazing place that i visited once during a fieldtrip there from primary school.

In conclusion it is deduced that i still have loads of places to explore in town and lots to learn. Besides i can't wait to go on a backpack tip to Europe, perhaps, during my university years so that i would be a little more world-wise and my parents would not be as paranoic as they are right now. Oh well i think i have rattled enough and i should stop here before i really prove it that my writing style is plain.


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