Saturday, March 25, 2006

Post block-test "relaxation"

I decided long back that i am going to be taking the block test as an exercise. I studied a little for geog and literature and was absolutely ignorant about economics. Geog paper was tough no doubt, Econs was a complete shock so i played the guessing game and doddled on my mcqs, attempted the Market Structure Qn which i have absolutely no knowledge off, Shakespeare is a complete gonner as i only wrote 1.5 sides as i couldn't comprehend the question and i have a really bad feeling of having angry red marks on my paper and Ms K hounding on me, Paper 8 was hilarious as i could only find contradictions and nothing else and Finally, Gothic was very Gothic indeed. So all the papers ended on Thur and my class finally decided to go down to Swensens and use up the voucher that we won from last year's lit debate, it was really sweet of them to try and get me to join them because I had to be there since i was part of the team but I couldnt firstly because i can't have anything except for the weird sounding smoothies they have recently added to the menu and 2ndly i had to meet up with my Debator Grls to prepare our case. Well actually we didn't really do much until 5.45 when we realised what the time was and completely freaked out.

It was great meeting the J1 debators, they seem fine right now. Its a good thing that we didn't follow in our senior's footsteps of completely ignoring our juniors and living in our own world. Had a debate, I was completely crap and i have a feeling that i am going from bad to worse in debates, i think its because i feel like joining a sports cca, but oh well its my dear Debator Grls that keep me coming back. For the first time, we could say "ladies and gentlemen" in our speeches since it was always all grls or it would be "ladies and gentleman" if David Gabriel was ever around. On the whole, i have a good feeling of this year's debate. Maybe we may finally accompolish something, i know our juniors definitely will and we will head down for their JCDC tourneys. The British Council Zero Carbon City debates are coming up. I would be glad enough to be a reserve and help the team because i really doubt my ability to debate these days. I have absolutely no idea why i feel this way. I have told Steph and Sinz about how I have been feeling but they always manage to cheer me up. Thanks a bunch grls, really appreciate it.

So besides debates, lessons have begun and i truely feel that the teaches should get a break from teaching just for a day and have a marking day, so that they wouldn't have to stay up till 3a.m marking like what Ms K does. Our new timetable feels really horrible and disgusting, I almost crushed it up. The possibility of having a short friday seems bleak and this has a bad effect on the class on the whole. Despite all the gloom that the horizan appears to be filled with, Lisa and I have decided that we would study together during our free periods and push each other to achieve our targets that we set for the mid-years. Although we took the block-test lightly, that is all going to change as we are going to work hard and put our noses down to our books. It is true that studying with friends and helping each other is indeed beneficial.

So thats about all that has happened in a week and it seems like life is going to get even more monotonous from now on. The eastern europe trip by the GP department has been set for June, the sign up list is up and I am confused if i should go , should my parents agree and i am allowed to go despite my horrendous block test results and i can get some form of vegetarian food. Oh would be great to go although that would mean that i would have to really put myself in a daytight compartment. Well i could start by finshing Silas Marner for Ms K's lecture next friday by that i can relax for the week and not feel bogged down with extra work besides homework.


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