Sunday, February 26, 2006

Such an emotional person i am

This week was mentally and physically exhaustive, the main reason was the punishment that was imposed on our class due to 4 discipline cases,according to the general office, and something had to be done about it; so we did 4 essays in 3 days and were subjected to silent treatement and primary school greetings. All in all, a bunch of us had discussions for hours and finally we had a tete a tete with our CT who once again repeated her views and heard us out and i spoke on behalf of the class to calm everything and ended up the whole thing by apologising.(what for? i have no idea but if it did any good to either or both parties i don't see anything wrong with apologising, oh and i never say sorry for fun, i do mean my sorries)On friday things seemed much better and the treatments seemed passe.

Besides that, yesterday the Debator Grls with the exception of Denise headed down to NUS for the debate chancellor shield semis and finals. All the trainings with Deborah are paying off as we were able to catch the right points, understand the importance of eloboration and explaination and learnt how to group up points under headings to facilitate yourself and the adjudicators. It was peaceful to seat under the shades of the huge trees and have a talk with Sin Yi so that she can move on and not to be bogged down by a friend's behaviour, although personally i was kind of shocked by the behaiour as well because both the matters are very very trivial. So i was down for a while as well however the cool breeze in the hot air and ants that were trying to molest us got us out of our stupor. We changed benches as the sun was slowly roasting our skins, cobwebs in another grossed us out, ants thats molested us drove us to a perfect bench before the clouds broke and let the shower down on us so we seeked for shelter at a study bench after which we proceeded to look around when Steph joined us which caused me to shout out like i usually do in school and broke the concentrations of everyone who were studying, but those there studying were really nice and smiled instead of shouting me down with stares. Happily filled out surveys for a student as we were very obvious that we were youths/teenagers . Went back to the law faculty to watch the finals in Moot Court. It was RJC vs HCJC and for the 2nd time RJC beat HCJC although it was a 4:3 ratio compared to the unanimous result last year during JCDC, although i supported HCJC on both counts and i truly feel that although Sheng is a great speaker and debator.(there is no doubt about that, i wonder if i will ever be able to get to his standard. oh and he is a wonderful guy that has loads of charisma and very friendly, as he is the only one from the RJ team that smiles at us. although i just laughed out at the JCDC prize presentation when their flag fell and everyone else rollded their eyes at me, he gave me a knowing smile. Such a nice guy!) I just remembered i smiled at him and turned away so that Sin Yi and Steph received his smiles, this is one of the things that they will always remember about him as he is their chummy.

Hehehehe i feel wonderful as i had a wonderful day with people that i care about and enjoy being with although i didnt get any work done. By the Way it was also proven that i am horrible at places in Town. This white guy with amazing blueish grey eyes, a tourist perhaps, came up to me and asked where is the enterance to Swissotel and i said "I am sorry, i am not very sure, why dont you go into Robinsons and ask." The hilarious thing is i was standing at the taxi stand outside Robinsons at Raffles City and that is Swissotel. Gosh, i seriously have to hit town and Orchard road on a daily basis next year.

Although this week wasn't exactly perfect in all aspects, a perfect day with amazing people make up for it. Having spent a day at NUS has made me want to pursue in getting into Law or Business Administration. I just have to concentrate on my studies, which i am not right now. I do hope all my concentration during lectures pays off so that i do not look at my lecture notes wondering what language is that? To Sin Yi, i just wanna tell you that life is full of Happiness and Sorrows and we have to go through both, so keep going on and don't give up on the hope of having friends or don't change yourself for others. Take care dear and thanks for such a wonderful day yesterday.....


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