Tuesday, March 14, 2006

March Holidays = study break for Block Test

Oh gosh i really do feel as if i have loads to catch up for econs, lit and geog(which means all my subjects) and i simply do not feel like studying. Perhaps its because my mummy isn't here and i miss her, or maybe i am too infuriated to study, i just cant figure it out. So the march hols are here but we are supposed to be studying, and i am clearly not doing that right now. Perhaps i should try to file up my stuff, tie my hair back so that not a single strand irritates me, watch Oprah! and start looking through my notes with the hope that i will find my inspiration to start studying somewhere.

So a whole week past by but the post eventful day was friday because Marlz french braided my hair and it stayed that way till about 8+ pm untill i decided to let it go, and my dear classmates and i discovered a new way to take photos with the visualiser but couldn't unveil the mystery of how to remove them. Mrs Logan called us a bunch of *something* i forgot the word( it means people who love to look at themselves.well i clearly object that, its just that we enjoy taking pictures...crazy ones for memories of how we spent our time during the long breaks on fridays...hint hint to the timetabling commitee, make our ime able better before we break the visualiser, trying to turn it around and upside down...hehehe....) Ms K was just stunned and Ms Lim as usual thought that we were very childish. Well i tried to snap that photos using my hp. Its kinda blurred and hazy but for those who were in the photos can definitely tell who is who.

Tada the photos..... The 1st one was supposed to be a 05A202 levis ad, thats Lisa in the pe attire and me next to her on the tables. Marilyn at the 1st window, followed by Marlz, Radiah climbing on the window and Van grinning behind me and Lisa

The 2nd one was the 2nd shot where Van climbed up as well, but ended up in a rather comical pose, well not as cool and calm as Radiah

This is the 3rd shot, where Lisa and I were trying to do the Kappa logo, with Marilyn pointing at us and grinning, so was Van and i have no idea where Marlz and Rad dissappeared to

The 4th one is rather comical where it was freestyle monstrousity. Thats Me doing a egyptian style walk that went slanted as Lisa put her weight on my shoulder to jump, Van right next to us, Marlz in the backgound sitting, Radiah our star jumper on the extreme right and Marilyn in the foreground grinnin.

The next one was supposed to be one where we were laughing and its Marilyn who managed to have her original pose taking of trying to laugh a villianous laugh mwhahahaha, on the extreme right, van on the left, Marlz right behind, Radiah right in front and Me peering over her head.

This one was supposed to be a gansta-ah-lian picture, that made me look like a real gangsta and muhadher for some reason according to Mrs Logan. Thats me on the extreme left, followed by evelyn who was the leader of the other gang (it really looks like we were going to bash each other up...well the look was cultivated from our all girls secondary school background....hahaha) I have absolutely no idea who is between fuad, in pe attire and evelyen. Its lisa next to fuad and Van happily grinning for some reason

This next one is our favourite, the Man hunt pose. Its radiah on the extreme left followed by me in the back ground, van next to me, marilyn trying to swallow van and Marlz doing the running pose on the extreme right.This one is truely our favourite one.

This was all done with the courtesy of Justin the photographer, Alan who helped out towards the end and Marilyn who went over to supervise the work. So that was our crazy friday.

I just wanted to share some stuff that i was reading in a weekly journal and its amazing to read these quotes regarding parenting and i find them completely true:

1) Children are our most valuable natural resources - Hebert Hoover
2)Children have more need of models than critics - Joseph Joubert
3)The Best thing to spend on your children is time - Louise Hart
4)Children have never been very good at listening to elders, but the have never failed to imitate them - James Baldwin
5) Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression - Haim Ginott

So i have added some food for thought despite my ramblings. To my classmates, hope you have a great study break and to the rest have a great week ahead....toodles


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