Tuesday, February 14, 2006

~Happy Valentine's Day and Friendship Day to all~

Feb 14 2006 was an amazing day although we had to go early for a make-up geog lecture. Almost everyone brought little momentos for everyone be it in the form of chocolates or notes. Through out the entire day, we gorged on chocolates and the "pig spirit" according to Marilyn had invaded everyone.

I started feeling woozy before morning assembly as i ate the Dove choc that Wan wen had gotten for everyone, its due to the rise in sugar levels in the morning.(i am weird, after my standard brakfast of cereal with wheatgerm, honey and milk, my stomach tends not to accept anything else especially food that is high in sugar.) I had 3 more chocs after that and the last was a half melted dark cream Merci(i lurve dark choc), that i savoured while trying to sort out my file and attending to the Lit Lecturers commands of collecting notes for the class,which saved me from spoiling my throat which had recovered from a horrible bout of flu. Throughout all the lessons, no one seemed to be able to concentrate on anything. Gp was fun as we discussed about Love and i said: To love is to respect( coz it applies to all sorts of love; parental, sibling, lover/spouse, pets, children etc.)

{Caution: I am going to be gushing very soon and it may disgust you.}

It wasn't until after our strenuous PE that all the fun began. During PE, i spotted the Female soccer coach and my oh my is a hot darkchoc. He looks fantastic and has a great personality as well. So after PE, when we went down to the canteen for Marlina to buy her drink, Marilyn and I started to ogle at the coach. Gosh, he is amazing. While we were admiring him, (i still do not know his name) Mr Chris Chen came into our view and we realised that he looked weird as he was carrying a backpack and had his t-shirt tucked in all the way into his shorts. The 3 of us couldn't just help laughing (which caused Mr Chen to look at us) and when i stifled my laughter, i shouted out to him: "Untuck your t-shirt". The hilarious thing was that he gave me one of his supposingly terrifying looks and then tried to pull out a lil from the front and ended up removing one strap of his backpack and untucking his entire t-shirt. This definitely made him look much better, however it left me feeling sad so being mean to him and thought about apologising to him(well come to think out it, i did save him from the horrible comments he would have recieved from the soccer guys). So with this excuse, the 3 of us "tried" to look for him and continued admiring our chumy/eyecandy. A few minutes later, we settled down and continued with our "search" as Marilyn gave wonderful commentaries and I joined in when i was sane. Soon enough, we were joined by Evelyn who agreed that the coach has great looks and once we got our bags, we sat down comfortably, enjoying the cool breeze and the great scene infront of us. ( By The Way, Mrs Chua is a steady jogger and i almost broke her momentem by telling her that the field's soil had hygroscopic water and i apologised to Mr Chen when he started on his rounds however i burst out laughing again when he tried to juggle the ball with his feet.) Our patience was fruitful as the Coach gave us a close-up view of his features (unexpectantly) when he decided to have a water break. The 4 of us were simply stunned and i almost swooned on Marilyn's shoulder. We continued with our star-gazing till 6.45pm before we decided to make a move when He decided to take a water break right after we departed. At this sight, Marilyn and I almost brokedown into tears over the railing on the ramp leading up to the Atrium. Mind you my dear readers, its not his looks which has pulled a heartstring of ours its his amazing patience and personality that attracted us as well( we deduced this when he patiently thought this girl, who was recieving one-on-one training from him. Did i feel upset for not joining Female soccer this year? The Answer is YES!!)

I have a huge feeling that i made a fool of myself infront of my geog teachers and the soccer guys(like i could really be bothered about what they thought, if they actually noticed us) and the few passerbys. Marlina and Marilyn, did perk me up when they said that he did look in our direction alot and smiled alot(have i mentioned that his smile is a mega-watt one that is heart-warming) at us however it could be in our direction but not meant for us or actually me and he could have been smiling to restrain his urge to laugh out loud at my silly antics.

Oh well, in the end i am Ecstatic for such a beautiful end to a school day on Valentine's Day and i sincerely believe that all this gazing was not harmful to any party as it is not like we get to see him everyday. Thank you to all who gave me loads of Chocs, sweets, lil notes and such, i really appreciate it and so does my stomach. Finally for those who do know what is the name of this hunky dory guy, please inform me soon before i come up with some cheesy nickname. Thank you and Enjoy the final hours of V-day and Friendship day. Peace and Lotsa lurve...AnneJ


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