Friday, February 17, 2006

I am shocked and disgusted

I happen to have a double free period right now and along with a couple of classmates i decided to come down to the library. It just happened that i came to my blog and went to my tagboard and i was met with someone who used my name and typed out "you suck!!!". I do not expect everyone who reads my blog to like me or agree with me but i would rather have you voice your opinions with some sort of responsibilty. If you happen to be someone i know and are afraid to use your name fearing confrontation from me, you could have atleast tagged under anonymous INSTEAD OF IMPERSONATING ME!!!!!! I am absolutely infuriated. I just looked at the IP address and it seems as if someone from school might have done this. To the person who did this, i would like to tell you, i do not mind you voicing your opinion however please exercise some CONSIDERATION, RESPONSIBILITY and MATURITY!!!!!

Well i think i have ranted enough although i am going to be a little mad, i have to inform my readers that i have learnt about the Female Soccer Coach. Dear adher, enlightened me. His name is Gino(have no idea about the spelling), he is married and has 2 children. His family is in Indonesia and is here for work. If anyone is wondering, if i am going to do anything crazy after tuesday, i am sorry to burst your bubble, i am going to content myself admiring him from far. Besides that, I have been reading Nicholoas Spark's books The Guardian and Message in a Bottle. I was finishing Message in a Bottle in the Library yesterday while working on our Gothic Project when i reached the last chapter and tears started rolling down my face, i am a silent crier. What moved me was the sincerity and love that Garret showed in his letters when he could not express himself in words. I broke down when i read A Walk to Remember, i have not watched the movie till now, Nicholas wrote so beautifully that it really portrayed the true feelings that Landon had after Jamie's death. What is rather amazing is that the characters have not been portrayed as perfect people, they are humans that succumb to human nature which is natural however, it is the ability to ask for forgiveness, the sincerity and true words that come from the bottom of their heart. I have read loads of moving books before but Nicholas Sparks always manage to tug a heartstring of his readers. What makes his books great to his readers is that he is a young and goodlooking author. Haha...i am going back to my original self.

Meanwhile, Marilyn, Marlina, Lisa, Vanessa, Wan Wen and I have been recruited to do the morning assembly yesterday, today and for monday as well. I think i have qualified as a great spotter for the national flag. Despite the original hitches that we had gone through, we have all improved and Morning Assemblys are smooth when we carry them out. The Priniciples have acknowledged our wonderful service and we have been praised by all teachers as well. The feeling is great....

Oh well i am leaving this post of here right now and i would like to plea to my readers not to impersonate me. Everyone is unique and please embrace who you are, even if you are deriving fun at my expense. I sincerely thank you.


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