Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Amazing days

On monday, 10 April 06, The Meridian Soccer guys trashed HCJC 3-0. The entire team line up was tight. The goal keeper, number 24, was replaced with number 36, we still do not know what is his name. The 1st goal was a Penalty and Adher, number 35, nailed it exactly. Number 8, a J1, scored the 2nd. Zul, number 33, came on later to add the finishing touch on the defense line-up and scored the 3rd goal. There was no doubt that the HCJC guys were much bigger in size and were pretty vicious as they began shoving and pushing the MJC guys. In terms of Skill and teamwork, it was the MJ guys that took away that award. So its 1 cheer for HCJC, for a good game, and 3 Cheers for the MJ soccer dudes. Hip Hip Hurray!!!!

Today, I did something absolutely silly with Evelyn and Tricia. With my indian accent and supposedly calm composure, we gathered at the public telephone and after we did what we did, we just burst out laughing. There was no way stopping us. I lost the composure after the 1st task and ended up on the floor laughing my head off while Evelyn and Tricia who were laughing all the time, silently just broke out into peals of laughter. Well for those of you who do not have any idea of what we did, then take this as a hint and do not try to solve the mystery as you will not be able to.

These two days were amazing and i really do hope that the week continues in this fashion.


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