Friday, April 07, 2006

Satisfying Achievements

This week is complete, it has its highs and its lows, it was amazing and thrilling in a couple of ways but a few jolts to reality really prevented me from living on Cloud number 9.

Firstly, the Meridian Soccer guys have beaten the guys from AJC with a great score of 3-2. Actually the third goal was disqualified as it was offside and a majority of the fans could not see that it was offside from our position(parallex error etc). All the 4 goals were simply fantastic with Player number 35, 33, 22, 3, 6 and 10 making some of the greatest tackles and shots. Fabian and Harris roused up the supporters with their commands and Fabian's non-stop beat that would keep the cheers going to spur the players on. The difference that a loud support can do was proven on Thursday as the players kept on going ahead with the game despite the fumbles made by the home goalkeeper which actually awarded AJC their 2nd goal as a own goal. It was really obvious to all that the defenders tried as hard as they could and stretched their limits by trying to ensure that the ball did not reach any where near the goal keeper. This is really sad however this humiliation can be resolved if Fabio can replace him with a J2 goalie and train the current goalie for next year. ( If anyone is very outraged by my comments on the goalie and Fabio, I sincerely apologise, i am simply stating the facts and sometimes facts do hurt. It is nothing personal. My blog is only personal about me and no one else.)

My 2nd achievement came on Thursday itself during Debate Trainings, which stretched on till 9.50 pm due to the marked improvements in all.Jaz, Nicholas (thats 2 J1s) and I were teamed up by Deborah as the proposition for the debate and we did a seemingly great job as we Won!!! Jasmine is really great as a 1st speaker and would be boosted if she has a strong team behind her. ( For some weird reason she says that my eyes look like those of a praying mantis. Now this really boggles my mind, i have been comlimented loads of times and have been told countless number of times that my eyes are scary but I have never had my eyes compared to a praying mantis. Sherry in her own explanation compares my eyes to those of a deer and i can accept that as they are big and brown but not exactly round. I think its kinda insulting for my dear eyes to be compared to a praying mantis's as firstly i do not even know what a praying mantis's eyes look like and 2ndly I do not like the thought that comes along with praying mantis = vicious. I am absolutely not vicious or stick-like. Jaz, help me out of my dilemma by offering a reasonable explanation please...) Nicholas is great in his own weird, dellusional stalinistic way as a 2nd speaker although he reminds me a bit of what Jashan told me about Eileen from the HCJC debate team last year as you can never know what they are going to say until you hear them say what they have to say. I finally broke through my inability to structure and achieved a compliment from Deborah for my speech but i have to work on my elaboration under a point and its sub headings as well as learn to decide which points to rebut which would really hurt the other team(not in physical terms but in Debate-y terms). Th opposition was made of my other J2 debator Grls and i often felt as drawn towards the other side. Oh gosh, i think its because of the J1s calling me boss and for those who do not know, they ask for the reason and when they learn of it they gleefully tell me that they are going to be calling me boss as well. I guess there is no harm in calling me boss but its just that they call me boss during school hours. This is what causes the problem for me as i am not used to be called boss all the time and i am often walking around in a daze either due to the previous lesson / the one that is about to follow or due to the lack of sleep. So do forgive me if I just walk past not acknowledging your presence or respond to you calling me, just wave a hand infront of me and i will shake out of my stupor and find you in my line of vision.

Despite all the wonderful Achievements, i have been feeling rather worried about dear driends of mine who have been going through pretty upsetting situations that have made them emotionally unstable which has resulted in them doubting their self worth, abilities and I feel that they seem to have lost whatever self-confidence they once had. I could be wrong and i could be right, i just have no idea. I just hope that i can be there for them should they ever need me and i can help them out in whatever way possible. I think its because of my nature that i cannot bear to see others in tears or feeling depressed as it wrings my heart. This was actually made worse by seeing the cartoons drawn my refugees from North Korea who are in hiding and aided in the production of Children of the Secret State. I was speechless at the end of it. The atrocities are unspeakable. The actions carried out by the military were too shocking, all this made it seem that humans are indeed very beastial in nature as they have not learnt to respect fellow human beings and are inhumane as they cannot feel anything when they are carrying out those atrocities. I was so sick at the end of it that it made me feel good to "torture" myself by running all those 10 rounds and completing all those crunches and pushups which made the pain go away. No matter how hard i try, i simply cannot remove these pictures and images from my head as they are imprinted for life and would only be superceded if i can help to make a difference in that situation and many others that continue to plague this human race.

This week seemed promising and has been promising. The achievements and the plights of others have made me feel humble and remind me of where i am. To all those that are feeling down, remember there are people out there in this world who are worse of then you with the exactly same kind of problem but their's is magnified loads of times. If it helps listen to Craig David's Walking Away. With that, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful International Friendship Day......


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