Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Debator Grls will go on...

The team line-out is out and I am disappointed and speechless, Firstly i was not really into the whole thing and was hoping that for the last time the Debator Grls can be the team and Secondly, I am debating in a speaker role that i have never done before. While it is comforting to know that I am the 1st prop Speaker, i can have a purely prepared speech, i am really afraid of completely messing everything up. Whats making me puzzled is when do I accept POIs. Thank Goodness i am only Debating once and can be the reserve for the next 2 rounds. I do hope we do go past the preliminary rounds and achieve. I know Jashan is great in her role as 2nd and reply and can easily get best speaker. Denise has proven to be a much better 3rd speaker than me and I do know that she can do a much better job than me as she is calm, composed and able to structure her speech in the way a 3rd speaker is meant to be. Deborah clearly has all her confidence on Nicholas as he is in all three rounds being a 3rd speaker twice and a 2nd(R) once and she knows that he will not be confused doing both prop and opp. I had no doubts about Jasmine making it as she is great in her role and I really have to get to her standard by this week.

What really saddens me is that the Debator Grls will not be able to prepare a motion together for this competition and deck out in Blazers to take photos but hey if Debates was what brought us together, it doesn't mean that it is what will keep us together. The memories of all the crazy stuff we have done which is completely non-debate related will keep us together.

Besides Debate, I have been kinda really pissed at the maid for her complete inabilty to remember things and carry out the simplest things. What makes the situation even worse is that she lies horribly to defend herself. All I know is that, I do not want another crisis again.


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