Thursday, April 13, 2006

End of a great week and The beginning of the Mango season

Its Thursday today so its not the traditional end of the week but since tomorrow is Good Friday and there is no school which gives us a long weekend, it is the end of the school week.

Wednesday was great as i headed home early. Today was hilarious towards the end of the day during the last period when Lisa dear appeared during geography(it was 3 pm when school actually begins at 7.30) asked for the late form and got it with a laugh from the receptionist. She also taught us a new dance that i have named it as The Sakura Para Para. Lisa however believes that its jumping jacks as that was what we were supposed to do during P.E. It is an amazing aerobic exercise with a tinge of Lethargic-ness and Japanese flair. This creation seriously ought to be a new form of exercise that really "burns" calories.

Besides all the hustle bustle in school, The Mango season has entered my house as my Dad bought a whole crate of Thai Mangos. The style of eating is simply crazy and absolutely messy if you do eat like how i do. Anyway i will be going on about this in my later entries.

Rushing off to eat before debate starts....hope what we have been wishing for comes true....


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