Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Hilarious ways of the Debator Grls

If it isn't crazy enough that we break out into peals of laughter during a debate and go crazy trying to scavenge the points out from speeches that we have no comments about, Jashan, Sinz, Steph and I had to go onto the track (which was bathed by the Stadium lights and the Beautiful and serene moon which left us all breathless, literally from the view and the run) and run 2 half rounds of 200m which would be equilvalent to a full round to let out all the negative energy that had beginning to brew in all of us since 6.15 today. To dear lame and sweet Sinz i am really sorry for being aboslutely horrible, you do know that if anything just come to me and I will give you a straight answer although i might go on about the full story to get to what you really want to know. To Steph, my fellow dear tauresean, its great to have another who can fill up your sentences with what i am thinking about. To the sophisticated Jashan, thanks a bunch for making me laugh like crazy and adding hand gestures to what i am saying, that point of time was really hilarious. To love-crazy Denise, Its completely wonderful to have a friend like you who makes others feel good. I simply have no idea what i would have done had it not for the 4 of you grls to keep me sane in Debates and preventing me from quitting it, Although i do look really insane today on the track with all the skipping, jumping, sprinting and almost whacking a canoeing guy in the stomach who was huffing and puffing and i had thought was Steph. We should do this more often. Memories really do go a long way.

So we have our names ready that can be used with full force to prevent detection: Valerie, Sharon, Rachel and Joanne. With the help of each others support, we will be able to achieve whatever we set our debator minds to. So in all we are a bunch of Grls who know how to be sophisticated, calm, weird, completely bonkers, and can let it all out when we need to by laughing absolutely insanely.

With that we really need to have our lil get together over night one of these days....


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