Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hail Deborah

So today was the much awaited British council zerocarbon city debates held at ACJC, were up against VJ first who were prop tht means it was Jaz, Nicholas and Denise who were debating with me and Jashan as reserves. Following that it was us against St Nich's girls that are supposed to be really good and we managed a victory by a small margin with me doing the 1st speaker, Jashan as 2nd and reply(it was simply marvelous according to the adjudicator) and Nicholas with 3rd and as usual he was crapping and bringing up great points as well. For the imrpomptu round we were up against Dunman high that we rumoured to be really good as well but they were quite a dissapointment as their case was completely messy which made our case messy (and make the adjudicator do "a lot" of work) but we still won with Jaz 1st, Jashan 2nd n reply and Nicholas 3rd and Jashan being the Best speaker!

I was quite happy with the much deserved victories but this whole week has been gaving me a feeling of something amiss which i never quite knew about till today. The week was quite eventful thanks to Nicholas's antics of smearing chilli sauce on his school pants, spilling his ice lemon tea on his copied homework and watch his hardwork disappear, stood witness to his James Bond like roll over the GO benches to retrive his Clorets which i flicked thinking it will not travel far but instead flew right over the other row of benches, that resulted in his legs getting caught in the gaps and landing on his butt. The MJC guys once again beat TJC soccer guys to a score of 4-2 and the previous one against NYJC was amazing as they won 6 nil( it was a pity that i couldn't be there to watch the goals thanks to the horrible surges of PMS, speaking of which i have been feeling quite irritated till this wk began and it could be due to that...oh well it is a really horrible feeling that any girl can have). Preparation was really tough but it really paid off, the continuous improving of points and speeches, staying till late to complete speeches and find evidence. All the credit of today's debate undoubtedly goes to our coach that will be fondly known as Debbie from now on.

During the 1st round itself, Jashan had asked me if we would like to go to town later and I happily agreed for some weird reason considering i hadnt even debated yet.When this was known to the rest, they happily agreed as well and instead of watching a movie we headed down to Coffee Club where Debbie treated all of us and actually urged us to get more than just drinks. I am very thankful for treat and the time spent was simply amazing and loads of fun, it was a great bonding session with both our new coach and the J1 debators: Nicholas, Jazmine and Yih Ching.It was great to see the really cool and fun side of debbie that we rarely see and it was lotsa fun learning about things that we may not know about. Steph and Sin Yi had left right after the 3rd round and when i released immediately i realised what was it that i was missing. It is really depressing to know that my urges for them to join and seat together made them feel extras and I am truly very sorry for whatever i said because i never thought that what i say whenever i am in a complete joking and kidding mood would be taken seriously and considering i have always told everyone that i know that should they ever doubt my motives, it would be best if they are cleared them up instead of leaving oneself in the dark and assuming. I am sincerely sorry to both the Debator Grls and the J1s for everything and being an absolute horror, do not blame yourself for this as this is the indicator of my failure of achieving and carrying out my job. Perhaps i am still very self-centred and selfish but i will try to remove these horrible traits of myself for my others happiness as my happiness is always shortlived and always cut off by my very own actions. So i am very sorry to Sin Yi, Steph, Jashan, Denise, Jazmine, Nicholas, Yih Ching, Eugene, Rani, Sharmilla and Hwei Ting and everyone else that i have hurt through my behaviour consciously or unconsciously.

Being the kind of person I am, i will keep this in the back of mind, remember to improve and be alright as i do not pretend any of my feelings unless absolute necessary. To Debbie, i would like to thank you very much for all your constant coaching and faith. To everyone else, thank you for everything else. Today was an amazing day that will be imprinted forever in a page of my book of memories.

I hope these lines from Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten will be able to put my thoughts down more appropriately:
I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined.
Reaching for something in the distance So close you can almost taste it, Release your innovations, Feel the rain on your skin No one else can feel it for you Only you can let it in No one else, no one else Can speak the words on your lips, Drench yourself in words unspoken, Live your life with arms wide open, Today is where your book begins The rest is still unwritten.
I break tradition, sometimes my tries, are outside the lines, We've been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I can't live that way.

Oh yes and before i complete this post, i would like to wish the Debator Grls and today's team for making a wonderful debate team. Gosh we were really strong and completely on the roll, there was no way stopping us the minute we began and i think this is going to be continuing for a very long time considering that Ms K has given the green light to Sin Yi and Steph to go ahead with the proposal for a debate alumni. This will be the beginning of the Debating Culture in MJC for the many years to follow. Thank you once again for another simply wonderful day.


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