Sunday, April 23, 2006

The incredibles & it feels good to fall down and hit the ground

Watching The incredibles again has made me feel much much better and i have realised that no matter what i do not have the right to walk out on anybody if they tell me what they feel even though it has really broken me up from inside out. I have no idea if i am still going to be going down for debate trainings etc but from what i know that its a month more till we step down. The Debator Grls: every single one of them have been great friends but i guess somethings that are meant to happen will happen and no matter how strongly i feel about leaving something i guess i will have to complete the job that i was appointed even though i really sucked at it. I guess i am going to have to learn to be selfish and let others be, even though its easier said then done. If anyone tells me to shut up i will and go on and live my own life. So i am sorry to everyone, please do not bother about me, i guess i am a stubborn taurean but if something does happen that i do not like i will simply accept it and move on as i always do. I am sorry for hurting every single person who read my previous posts, i know i was a complete bitch but i guess i have too much on my mind right now to brood over this.

Sorry Sin Yi and Steph and to all those that were relieve that i wont be going down for debates and burst your bubble. Apparently i aint allowed to leave right now at this instance. Sorry

Besides all this i think i am really grateful for this instance as it humbled and humiliated me as well so that i do not remain on cloud number 9 for too long. I am fine right now, just myself and thanks to all that has happened, i aint that broken and the wound will heal with the passing of time. Thank you.....


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