Thursday, May 04, 2006

05A202's Corny pickup lines

I finally came up with my very own pickup line, was cracking my brain and for some reason it formulated itself this morning, i feel proud of it thanks to the Approval of Marlina and the sudden hug that almost threw me of balance from dear Lisa, Marilyn's amazement at such a sweet line. Well i think i will blog about the lines that have been created so far before i finally publicise mine.

1)Refree i need a red card, because he just tackled my heart(used on Adher)
2)Do you have a dictionary? I need to find a word to describe my feelings for you(used on Adher as well)
3) do you have a thermometer because i have the hots for you.
4) Is your freezer working? Coz my heart just melted.
(sorry marlz i cant seem to remember the rest)

Wan Wen: I must sue you for assault because you really knocked me out.

Lisa: (dunno if it is a original) Are your parents artists? coz they created a masterpiece.

Can't seem to remember Radiah's exactly.

Mine: Even if there is a blackout, there will always be electricity-between us.

I think mine is really sweet and Marlz called me queen of cheesiness but i really doubt this title. Anyway to all you readers, These pickup lines are created by the brain power of these girls and are no meant for any one to claim their ownership over them except for the creators. If you should ever come to a time when you really need to use them, please ask the creators politely. Thack you...heehee


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