Monday, May 01, 2006

A great workout

Yesterday i got this horrible urge to go to the gym and swim. So i headed down to our dear family club, Singapore Swimming club and hit the gym. Did my usual 2.5 run, crunches, leg extensions etc with weights that i kept changing and other stuff that i cant remember. The pool was amazing, the water wasn't hot from the blistering sun( i swam at 2 pm)instead it was just nice, the temperature is pretty hard to describe in words and i wish i had a thermometer then. Anyway those 10 laps were easy and it was great to enter the sauna after the swim as u do not feel heat that is able to melt you but a nice temperature that is soothing for muscles that haven't been exercised in a long time. I realised Snapple's Pink Lemonade is a good drink after a workout as it quenches the thirst and keeps you from getting hungry as i had lunch at 5 pm.

I just hope this worklout will be able to get me a silver for my Napfa, especially the standing broad jump and shuttle run. Any tips anyone?

I think this post has absolutely no structure what so ever as all my thoughts are in a jumble, my feelings are pretty much jumbly as well: kinda angry, happy, sad. I just hope i end up fine by tomorrow....


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