Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rain, books and sweet slumber

I love to watch the rain fall, I love getting wet in the rain although I haven't been able to do so as I am usually caught in the rain in my school uniform and I cannot afford to get my shoes wet as I do no want another Nike experience where my shoe strings broke (don't ask how) and it took an entire weekend for them to dry up as I realised the my soles have began to detach themselves and the 2nd reason is the I had recently washed my Adidas pair and I do not want to have a grey looking pair instead of a nice white and blue one.

Despite all this, I love watching the raindrops fall and splatter, I love the way the trees and all other vegetation respond to the rain by turning into wonderful shades of green, the calls of birds that are getting wet, the way the rain runs off the leaves and drips onto others, the way there is silence despite the constant pattering of raindrops and thunder. While I do not like a continuous downpour of rain like that during a monsoon season, I find that a sudden downpour accompanied with lightening and thunder seems to keep the balance in the natural world, it reminds us human beings who often think that we are in control of everything that Nature is still supreme. Although I am often frightened by loud thunders, it is amazing to see and hear how lightening and thunder work in tandem. I do know that there is a scientific and geographical explanation behind everything but sometimes it really does good to the mind to appreciate what nature has to offer in today's increasingly urbanised societies. The way the sky changes its colours and shades even if they are subtle makes everything seem beautiful, the way clouds change in shape, size and how the sun peeks out after a heavy downpour makes everything seem like the first day the earth was created.

I am not against development but I feel that sometimes many people forget to appreciate the little acts of nature in our own country that is often the same in other countries that are known for their scenic beauties. While I love looking through National Geographic's pictures on lands far away from home, I feel that even the Nature in Singapore isn't that horrible, as it may seem. Just like how models are made to look better by the way the angle/light is when that shot is taken, the angle/light of that particular area also helps to make the shot of a natural sight more exotic than it may seem (photographers are known to stay up and wait till wee hours to get the perfect shot.

When the rain comes, one of the few things that go along perfectly is a sweet slumber, which I had the pleasure of since I am let off early due to the absence of CCA. A nice lunch followed by a short catnap leaves not just me but anyone refreshed, I am sure Lisa can testify to this.

What makes the rain even more blissful is a wonderful book to read. Due to the ever-increasing piles of homework and readings and the amount of revision that I have to get started on, I always have to restrain myself whenever I go to the library. However I have made up my mind. This decision will allow me to continue being a good student and allow me to read the books that I want to read. I shall borrow no more than 2 books a week and I will read during the breaks in school and study/mug like crazy at home. I really hope that i can stick to my plan considering how books and I are.

Well this is another one of my long posts and it is a break from my usual ramblings of debate and the soccer matches. I feel good and motivated to carry on with my readings and revision so that I can achieve my aims for the Mid years. Hope you have a sweet slumber tonight.....


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