Monday, April 24, 2006

How pathetic fallacy represents my feelings right now

I feel horrible right now, i was caught at a horrible crossroad on whether i should head down to support the soccer guys against rjc today or whether i should stay and go home to study for the econs essay test and the Gothic context text tomorrow. Lisa succeded in makingme guilty and my legs just carried me in the opposite direction from where the meeting point was.

To accompany my feelings the rain that seemed like it was slowing down, increased in its intensity and started pouring. I truely feel horrible and i think i will be able to pull myself together by the time i hit the books.

The feeling that makes it me dread tomorrow is that of flunking both my tests despite my heading home to study. By the way, lisa thanks for everything right from stopping myself feeling guilty over what happened over the weekend to making me feel guilty on not going for the match and studying instead. So with that, I will continue improving in whatever i set my mind to and right now its to relax and then hit the books, thanks grl for everything and lurve ya..... ;), well pathetic fallacy is indeed true as i am feeling better now and the rainfall has become lighter.


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