Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Escapism - what is it?

I am really fed up with people resorting to alcohol as a mean to escapism. I can't stand the sight of their faces when i learn that they resort to alcohol to "get over their problems", but what these people actually do is to try and shove it into a corner of their mind instead of meeting it head on and getting over it for once and over. Do not get me wrong, i am not saying that life is without problems, i do accept that there are many situations to which there are no solutions what so ever, i do know what it feels like to be stressed up and under constant pressure. What i say to this is to STOP BROODING over the matter, let the past be and move on, forgive yourself and others if you have to. You may say that its easier said than done, but what i say to this is if you are determined and are willing to make a change and prove otherwise, anything is possible no matter how impossible it is. Escapism is somthing that i consider pure rubbish and nonsensical, there is nothing in this world you can escape till you die. What is it that you are trying to escape from? By escaping something, can someone please tell me if the situation that follows is better or worse. Its usually much worse. By getting yourself drunk or through whatever other means you are trying to escape, all you are trying to do is to put that matter away so that you can have a good night's sleep. But have you ever thought if others have a good sleep or not. Maybe you are just so caught up with yourself that you can't even think about anyone or anything else. You tell others that they are weak but what the hell are you if you are trying to escape? Seriously do not point fingers at others if you yourself aint perfect which you know you are not. Stop being so selfish, have you ever wondered about the sacrifices others make and what you would end up like if not for those who bother and care for you. But no all you think is about yourself and how these people are out only to get you and cause harm to you. Well let me tell you somthing those that those people you think you must be good and kind to are actually the ones that are out to get you and can't wait to see you fall flat on yourself. Just for your information, you are the first person i have decided to give up on because you are simply hopeless.

To my dear readers, it is not meant for anyone of you. It is meant for someone who doesn't even read this. I just needed to get this chip off me, please do not take offence at this.

On a much lighter note, this week is corny pickup line week which was started out by Marlina. I still have to come up with one. Ewis's are simply too sexual, Radiah's and Wanwen's are really cool, Lisa's was hilarious but cool as well. Adher's response to them all were bashful, typical him and classic. I can't wait to come up with one.


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