Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blogger is back on track...

It was really worrying yesterday when for some weird reason no blog on blogger.com couldn't be updated, i didn't know that at first and i thought that there is a problem with my blog itself.

Anyway here is the update on the soccer match: the whole match (the entire match!!) was cancelled 3 minutes before the game was over as it was raining too much and there was lightening. Its really sad and i wonder how the players must be feeling as the MJ soccer guys were winning 5-1 with a hat trick scored by Zul(number 33) and 1 by Adher(35, he is Marlina and Marilyn's sweetheart, my hero and the others are his fans). Its time that we really get a banner kinda thing done for him, i think the national team coach is crazy to let him go. Besides that, Mr Chris Chen was fuming about the lack of dignity and self-respect that the RJC coach and teacher-incharge had as instead of conceding to the match, they want a rematch. It will most probably be on homegrounds and i have a feeling that i will be part of those that are going to bash the RJC side up if they try anything funny. Marlina suggested baking rock cakes but Vanessa told her not to waste flour on those people, instead we shall go hunt for actual rocks. I think a couple of us tomorrow who do not have CCA will be heading down to Popular tomorrow to purchase those cards and pens to design cards for Adher.

By the Way to all u debators, I will be making an announcement during morning assembly on Thursday regarding the debate competition on Sat. Saturday was simply jolly good time and we all had a blast. I just cant wait for the Debate Alumni to be started and runninng and all the future competitions that our juniors will be participating in.


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