Thursday, April 27, 2006

Adher; You da MAN

Yesterday, thursday, was another one of those fantastic days when everything seems to be going like what we would like it to be. I am still smiling from all the fun, it was a beautiful day.

It started off with me receiving an sms from Mr Low our paper 8 tutor who could not make it for lesson as he was on MC. Once this news was known to the early morning crowd( those that are at the GO benches before the morning assembly either doing homework-copying- or slacking or catching up on sleep) Evie called up Ms Lim Pei Wen and managed to shift our econs tutorial up which left us with 4 free periods straight. Thanks to the breaks, the early morning crowd decided to go for class breakfast at Macs in Elias Mall. After a hearty breakfast ( i was completly filled with the ice milo), we started work on the plac-cards for both Adher and Anand. Once Ewis drew out the words, Evie and I started work on Anand's first till we realised that we might use up the black marker and since i was doing the outlining i had to switch to Adher's and started working. All together the boards took up 4 hours. Adher's card was feared to turn out inferior but the opposite was true as i promised that i would make his the best. The continous outlining made my brain go quite numb due to the horrible paint fumes. Despite all the hand, shoulder and back ache-Adher's card is Evie's and mine pride and joy. Thanks to all those that helped us in a way or another which accounts to the whole class. Its sad the Anand's card the reads: Anand Seek 'n' Destroy had a horrible surface which prevents the silver marker from flowing well although i did manage to make the outlines bold-er which helps although it still looks like a mess from near. Adher's card is classic, its yellow with the words: Adher You DA MAN. The card looks simply amazing and Adher has requested for it once all the matches are played ( oh he told me yesterday online that he has still kept the one that we made for him last so touched coz last year as well i helped out with the outlining and ended up with cramped hands, well i do not care about the cramps as he is a wonderful guy and soccer player!) Marlina, if you do have a digi cam, could you please take photos of both the cards and put them up on your blog? thanks so that i can have a picture as well.

So the entire school day was spent on the cards for me as i was really picky on making the outlines bigger and perfect. I will only feel satisfied once i have amended Anand's one and my job is over. Although i will be fiercely protective over them.

Once school was over, i rushed around the staffroom till the porch like a crazy women and got to Tpjc by the buses that Ms Lai decided to provide for the supporters. The 1st half was sluggish and it was tough to keep up with Number 9 from Tpjc who was really good and was much bigger than J khoo( number 3). The 2nd half, with Fabian on the drum, the cheers picked up and so did the Match, i cant exactly remember who scored the 1st 2 goals although it is the same guy but the 3rd goal is the most important as it was dear Adher who scored it. What made the goal even more memorable is that Adher came zooming towards us as I shot his card right up as I saw his shot zoom in the air over the goal line. Adher's goal allowed us to win 3-2 despite the biased referee that was blind to all the fouls tpjc was committing and awarding a yellow card for no darn reason when it was actually that dumb tp player that decided to slide in between an MJ player's legs. Once again it shows that the MJC soccer team is definitely above the notch as they can still win despite horrible conditions: referee and plasticine like field.

Today wasn't exactly that great although there are a few events that would be hilarious: Me saying to Nicholas "you made me sticky" (which sounds really wrong) when he poured water on my hand-sticky coz it was hot n humid which doesnt allow for fast evaporation. The 2nd is Jashan's facial expression in the toilet when she fantasised momentarily about her crush who was not in school and prevented her from having her daily dose of eye candy. Sin Yi said some hilarious things as well but i can't seem to recall them although i do remember what Dr S said to Mr max cheong "eh stop showing off and go back to your position" and about Mr Naresh; "make sure the paramedics are ready and running when Mr Naresh runs". Dr S is simply hilarious all the time, Mr Chris Chen is able to catch us off guard by being able to tell that it was Nickelback's song that was being played and proclaimed that Nickelback's Photograph is one of his fvourite songs. Oh and Nicholas happily made loads of blunders while being the emcee for Colosseum( the new and more class-ier name for Sports day) like saying the new record for 4x400m( ot is it 100m?) event timing was 3.53 seconds instead of 3.53 minutes(trying to imagine those guys to run their laps in under a second is hilarious and those guys must be on more than steriods or have superpowers).

In all this week was amazing and the walk home from the busstop was cool as the wind was blowing in full force as it was about to rain and i waited for ages trying to get good shots of the sky and lightening and managed to take two really cool ones. Its amazing to see how the colours and shades of the sky can be so different yet so similar and sublime. Since i cant seem to post them know, i shall post them tomorrow...Gd nite to all


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