Monday, May 15, 2006

The beginning of a new phase

It is amazing how 12 years of friendship can allow us to just open up and talk about anything and everything. To my dear sis, i just want to tell you that you are the only one who is constant through all that has happened to me. Thank you for everything, sometimes i feel that i do not thank you enough. Even though we do not get to chat as much as we used to, i guess its the times that have gone that allows us to savour the trust that is ever present. Thank you for sunday, not only did you give me a wonderful birthday present through your company but also made me realise a whole lot more. Cafe Iguana is a great place to be, Margaritas are better than Cocktails, Happy hours are indeed very happy and joyful and finally we have a whole lot of stuff to accompalish the next time we head down there. Thank you for knowing what is in my mind and being able to relate, seriously some of the best memories that i have are shared with you. I promise that no matter what happens in the future, no matter what path we take in the future, no matter who we meet in the future nothing will come between us.

To all those dear friends that sent me the wonderful messages on my birthday, i sincerely thank you. For those who do know me well, know that i treasure messages and all things simple more than stuff that is extravagent. Thanks Sis again for treating me and giving me my favourite chocolates, thanks to Van, Evie, Wan wen, NurC, Rad and the others who chipped in for the huge bar of dark choc and those pretty earrings. Dear Sinz, thanks a bunch for the wonderful post and do not apologise for being a day late, your wishes are good enough.

To my fellow MJC Debator Grls, thanks for all the hilarious times we have shared over the last year and half. Can't wait to get the Debate Alumni started. I am really taking away a whole lot of experiences from debating. To my coaches: David Gabriel and Deborah Nga thank you for all the coaching and faith in me. To the J1 debators, all i have to say is All the best as Debating does bring out the Bitch in you, as you learnt from last Sat at the Acjc intercollegiates.

To my parents, all i have is thank you for everything till now. I guess from now on you do know that I can definitely stand on my own feet as i have my priorites right and i just do hope that you can learn to let go cause I am definitely growing up and away and you guys aren't exactly growing any younger.

To all the teachers that have taught me in my last 12 years of formal education, i would just like to tell you that you have definitely no wasted any effort on me. Thank you for all the effort that you have put into my education. Teachers no matter how they are personally, you will always have a special place in my life as you helped mould me. Although my appreciation may not be obvious at times, i do appreciate for all that you do.

With the arrival and passing of my 18th birthday, I have learnt that i have to rely on myself if i want to get what i want to achieve as there are always going to obstacles no matter what. I do know that i have the will in myself to move on and carry on as the situations that i have gone through over the past year has taught me more than what i would have learnt without them. I have realised that life isn't fair and although my nature to be selfless at times prevents me from going up the ladder as fast as others, i do have confidence in myself to get where i want to get.

I have taught myself to look out for the silver lining of the dark clouds during every thunderstorm to move on and not to give up. I do not plan to go back on what i have started because i will disspointing a whole lot of people along the way beside myself. I plan on carrying out what i had planned mentally and actually put my words into actions and prove to all those sceptics out there that i can make it.

Yea sure with my 18th birthday i can get my license to drive, drink and go clubbing, but below all the hype i truely feel that it is the beginning of a new phase in my life as i will be leaving quite a few things behind and moving on.


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