Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Its getting really hot coz its Summer

Its been getting hotter by the day for the last week, with a occasional breeze. The sun is harsh and i need to start bringing my shades everywhere now. The sky this morning at 6.40 was a nice bright orange n i wanted to get a snapshot of it but i was in the kitchen while my phone was in my bedroom. The days seem a little longer although they aint as long as those in New Zealand. So this is the beginning of summer in Singapore when it is actualy mid-spring in most temperate countries. Despite all the heat, i just love Summer. Just beacause i am in J2 right now and my As are the most important things right now, i aint engaging in all things related to summer but just wait till next year. Summer is going to be the time when i will be slacking, chilling out and just having all the fun Summer time brings.

School has been mildly hectic, the tutorials, the class tests or quizzes and the impending revision has been putting quite a bit of pressure on me. While i am glad that i have been completing all my tutorials and have not had to resort to copying franticly in the morning, i feel that i am really falling behind on my revision plan as i planned on getting started in 2nd week of May but now everything is put on hold thanks to another debate competition: ACJC debates, that i have to participate in with Jashan, Nicholas, Yih Ching and Jasmine. I guess i will have to really carefully plan out my Vesak day as i have to finish reading and getting my concepts right for International Trade, decide the timings for the debate meeting( i am still deciding on whether we should have it or not) and get everything ready for saturday that will be completely spent at Acjc and sunday is completely booked with the plans that have been confirmed.

The situations that loads of people have been going through has made me realise and appreciate what i have and what i don't. I am thankful for everything especially to all those people that i know. Be it friends or family, i have truely learnt to appreciate one and all. On the whole, i feel happy and satisfied. It could be my nature, the way i am and the way others are.

Lisa was telling me that my blog is completely filled with my soccer craze, well Lisa just wait till the World Cup begins, you will just not only be updated on the matches but you will find me gushing about the players as well. I think i will try out Anime either after the A's or when i am truely sick and tired or studying, depending on which one comes first, but i will try watching some. I just can't wait for the World Cup to kick off. Well Grl, don't be disspointed about just getting to read about soccer, when the floorball season kicks off i will try to come down and support you guys and even if i can't i will definitely be updating the masses on how great floorball is and the number of shots you scored. I think its a great sport considering i love Ice hockey and almost joined Inline hockey last year.

That reminds me, The MJC soccer guys have made it into the Semi finals after the draw against RJC on monday. The game was full of shocks. Both teams were defensive although Rjc tried to get a bit to get some shots in order to qualify for the Semis. I felt kinda sad for the Rjc guys when they huddled on the field after the match for a prep talk but i felt really bad for Adher and Zul who had loads of shots on target but couldn't break through the 'great wall of china' that was constructed as both of them were tagged by 2 players each.

This post is a jumble of things that is currently running through my mind right now. Although everything is a jumble right now, its amazing how everything falls into place when it happens unconsciously. Well i guess that will happen pretty soon after a nice cool shower and start analysing Silas Marner.


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