Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lets get loud

Considering the different kinds of music that i have in library, I just realised that recently that i have been listening to loads of latin music(Shakira and J Lo) and those have a cool and chill out feeling(Jack Johnson, Gavin Degraw etc) to them. It could be due to the increasing temperatures and the need to unwind. I think i have been pressurising myself these days to concentrate but i can't keep up with myself and my targets. I guess i am just going to have to take my own advice to take everything slow, after all Sunday is going to be here soon and i am pretty sure i can start a new from then.

Debates has gotten me into a rotten mood but i have decided that i am just going to enjoy the ride since i have already been chosen for the team. Its hectic no doubt, but there aint nothing that i can anyway. No matter how and what i think once again i have nothing but to do but get down to Acjc.

I have been doing lots of reflecting these days and I have discovered that I have not changed much and in the aspects that i changed, i changed for the better and i guess i can just keep doing that. Life has been getting tougher these days, situations are such that easily make us teenagers retaliate and all i can say to others especially those older is to let us have some breathing space, as i am pretty sure that no one will like the consequences of whatever happens.

With that i would like to wish all Buddhists a Happy Vesak Day and to the rest: Have a nice long weekend....


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