Friday, May 05, 2006

I feel good

Thursday was a great day that made me feel librated. Makes me sound like i was enslaved or something, i think i was by the thoughts of having to undergo Physical training till August and absolutely stressful debate trainings, but now they are a thing of the past. On thursday, I could proudly proclaim that i got a silver(thanks to standing broad jump) for Napfa even though i did relatively well for 2.4 km with a timing of 15.22 mins( i noe i am not fast, come on i walked twice, position 13, feel good) but with the passing through of all my 5 stations, it was celebration time. Actually i was already cheering and jumping crazy right after i got my mark for standing broad jump.

What made the day was the Soccer match. It was against Acjc (the one that was postponed due very heavy rainfall early on) and The MJC soccer guys trashed Acjc with a score of 5-2 with all the 5 goals scored by Zul(number 33). It was a pity that the 4th student council was kinda really pathetic and had no idea how to keep the cheers going. Their voices were really irritating till i happily lashed out at one of them. It was great of Fabian to take over from the incapable hands of the j1s and kept the cheers going on and growing on.

The feeling right after th match was crazy, i was absolutely high. Had debate trainings right after that at 7 pm, the debate (consisting of j1s entirely) was absolutely crappy despite all the info that we guys fed them. Ended up with some homework, which we j2s aren't going to be doing coz we simply have too much on our hands. Sorry about that Deborah. Even though i was really tired, had a slight throbbing headache that kept throbbing at slightly increasing intensities and reached home really late, I felt absolutely happy.

On the whole, i feel more motivated especially in the Academic sense. I want to get that msg 1.9 for Mr Chris Chen and Mrs Chua( i do not want her to cry even if the paper is absolutely disgusting). To Marlz, if it helps read my post on escapism and remember that i am always there for you no matter what. This applies to all my friends. To the rest i wish you a Good nite and sweet dreamz.....


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