Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Something about my blog that my readers should know

First and Last thing, alot of the things that i put down on my blog or my feelings towards others are mostly for those that often do not know of my blog and do not read blogs. If you ever feel that i am targetting you, it would do both of us good if you clear it out with me before jumping to your own conclusions about me being an absolute bitch. If you feel that the things that i put down about others are qualities that you have and feel upset about them, i am truely very sorry to one and all. If you do feel otherwise, being a debator and all, i welcome all other viewpoints but at the end of the day if i feel that i can change my view i will however being a Taurus let me just warn you that its going to be one hell of a jobm but do not be put off by that. There is my tagboard and my email that you contact me through but please do not be anonymous but put down your name.

My blog's fonts seem to have some kind of double vision when i downloaded the Updated version of Microsoft Interent Explorer version 7. So I have narrowed my choices to 3 blogskins after going through 3000+ blogskins on blogskins.com. I hope the new look of my blog suits it.

Now that CCA has officialy ended for me, I have started feeling the pressure of my academics, its a comfortable level of pressure right now because i do know that once i have set my mind to somthing, nothing will be able to divert my mind. My blogging may come to a standstill at times because i do not plan on boring my readers with details on Geography and Economics.

To the Drama people, i just want to tell you that even though i am a debator and all i still feel what you guys have gone through. Its a huge disappoint no doubt but i guess this is somthing that we will be facing along every other step in this life.

So till my next post, i wish all a wonderful summer.....


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