Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A wonderful CCA

Thank you to all in the ELDDS exco for making our CCA fun and all the more cool. I will definitely be missing all fo you cool and funky people as well as the rest of the Drama people. To my dear Debator Grls, thanks for making a great team, enduring all of my crazy antics, having tonnes of fun and spending loads of hilarious times together.

I can't but help blog about what Steph and I did today thanks to my "adventerous" streak. For those who have been to my place would notice this huge block of land next to my block that is a huge green plateu covered with thick grass. Since Steph took 58 with me to come over, I decided to walk over the plateu as i finally have company. Thanks to the thick and deep grass into which we seemed to keep sinking down and upsetting the poor lil grass insects it took us ages to get across the "vast plain" as shown in the picture below.

While we were foraging through the huge space, we came across a slight depression that i name a "hole" and freaked Steph out who was afraid of falling into that "hole". I jumped the 1st time to show Steph how to jump across it, but i had simply scared Steph too much and jumped right back to save my dear steph by going off our track to get to flat land. So we finally made it across after much laughing and exclamations from Steph declaring me Crazy and Mad which i gladly accepted as i had just proved. Our final obstacle in order to get down onto mainland was going down a slope on which Steph decide to duck walk down. Well here is an example of how she did it.

Steph i am really sorry for bringing you across and taking your photo. However i still maintain that you look really adventerous while going down that slope, considering i couldn't duck walk down and had to simply walk down the slope.

Upon reaching the mainland, it seemed as if we had accompolished a great feat and were happily rejoicing our victory in the middle of the pavement....actually it was me, who was doing to crazy victory dance that is choreographed at the spur of the moment.

Well besides all my crazy antics, Steph and I had a really good talk about the future of our plans and devised a secret plan that will be revealed to 2 others in time to come.

In all today, is a great day that promises a tomorrow that will be jusy as great. So once again, thank you to all those in ELDDS and adious to all....tataz.


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