Wednesday, May 31, 2006


For the last couple of days i have been getting really irritated at people for being absolutely immature in the most serious situations ans simply making them worse. I am not saying that being immature/being kiddish is bad but seriously there is a time and situation for eveything. There is no need for anyone to think about where a situation is right and what manner of behaviours is a perfect match for that situation.

I just do not understand people who try to pick serious fights over little things and being absolutely hyper un-trusting(another word that i just came up with and have no idea if it exists) about every little thing that a person does. Ok i do understand that gaining back trust on someone for whom you have lost it is somthing really tough, i have gone through that, but just because of that person(s) i do not feel that anyone can be justified in starting to doubt every little existence on this planet. I may seem exaggerating but seriously these are people who do exist and i am not making them up to kill time, or when pretending to read my notes.

What irritates me even more is the attitude and behaviour of the group of race that you belong to. I think its completely irrational on the way these people segregate and are prejudiced against their fellow kind. I know that you must be thinking that prejudice is found within any race anywhere in the world, but seriously you would have never face a worse community before. No matter how much i try to stop myself from thinking negatively about these people, it never works. In layman terms, its severe bitching which has transgressed from a hobby to a full time job for many of these people. Whats much more interesting is how the men can actually be on par in this accupation despite already having a official fulltime occupation.

Just thinking about these two issues makes me feel like laughing even though the situation is serious. It is simply amazing as to how the mind of human beings work. I think i should go include psychology on my ever-growing list of what to read after my A's.

I think i am just going to be talking about a few random things now:
1) Fanna is a great movie not because of the story line or the songs or the director or the producer but because of the Lead actress : Kajol who made a wonderful comeback after being arried.

2) Being a Geographer, i would be inclined to support Amir Khan's views regarding providing the villagers with accomodations in place of what they loose due to the building of the Narmada Dam, which is desperately needed for the thousands of Gujaratis who have been living in drought and famine for years. While there are both sides to this issue in a geographical point of view, I do not want to enter into the debate as it involves political aspects much more than geographical.

3) Recently(last couple of months) i have been feeling rather good about being an Indian, please do not ask why, its just a feeling.

4) I feel like trying out a couple of new recipes during the june holidays to work of the stress that is bound to arrive in full force when i seriously start mugging.

5) I find this extra week of lessons completely useless. I am not absorbing anything from any of the lectures, I am not reading up for any of the lectures and I have not been revising, so whats the point of having this extra week i ask the wonderful school administration? Consultations would have been much productive.

6) I have discovered that Debates is something that i have truely and sincerely enjoyed. I can't wait to go down and support the new team in all their friendlies as well as the JCDC.

7) I am tired now so i shall go to bed and enter slumberland.

Ok that wasn't supposed to be a point but who really cares. All i know is that my brain is likely to go even more berzerk if i good nite and sweet dreamz to all...


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