Thursday, June 08, 2006

What makes a Blog interesting

While was surfing through blogs today, i remembered that i hadn't gone to a person's blog for about 2 months now and decided to venture there. The blogger, a tj debator, was tagged by an anonymous tagger who claimed that his blog wasn't as interesting as before. What intrigues me, is the fact that i happen to agree with anonymous. I have read that particular blogger's entries from the past year and have seen a great difference in his blogging ways-perhaps this is the exact reason why i have not visited that person's blog. This is where i find myself agreeing with mr/ms/mrs anon here: the lack of opinion. The reason why i read blogs is not really to learn about other's daily activites or juicy pieces of gossip or find out who is washing their dirty laundry in public. The actual reason is for me to read other's opinion regarding a issue or whatever there is. I mean i am not interested in reading about another's private life to say the truth. By reading my classmates blog i get to view the same situation during which i was present, through another's perspective. By reading blogs, i also find that i learn about others who tend to be rather introverted-by this i refer to their character.

You may think, that i am not entitled to say all these things especially about opinions etc considering i may not actually be following what i preach. Well, to that i say that my blog is a true reflection of who i am. I clearly remember that i wrote in 2nd post, this blog is not my personal diary, it is a place where i write about things that i feel can be shared with others:not necessarily the whole world but at least those i do know personally and others who may chance upon my blog.

Yea sure, my blog when compared to others would be pretty uninspiring or whatever but i stand by whatever i have up here. My blog is about who i am, so i would be living in self denial if i refuse to accept what i posted on this blog. I accept that i am not as well-versed in writing down my thoughts as others, however i think that i am happy with who i am write now as i do know that i can improve if i want to,especially when i do not plan on pursuing a literary career. Till today, i have never found myself regreting about whatever i have posted up here. I do not mind others putting their rants up,however, i do not feel that others are justified to face my wrath, anger or whatever i have against others(if you feel otherwise, i urge u to read those posts again, they are about what i think, although i could be wrong) because i am the kind that will either tell the person what i feel or hold my silence forever unless that person instigates me again.

Besides, sometimes a person's blog may go downhill simply because of the lack of inspiration, i guess. There is no way anyone can expect a person who is obliged to put his/her nose to the books and literally study in a sweatshop like condition in order to be free of the education system and still be able to come up with brilliant ideas to blog/publish about unless that is their full-time job. I have heard this countless of times from my parents: sometimes you have to give up your leisure/play/whatever else in order to excell, however in my case i simply cannot stick to that advice. I am pretty sure that many students after spending hours trying to grasp a concept or memorising some terminology/or spending hours in school due to school related activities, feel drained and cannot think about a single issuebut that of sleeping.

However, what really makes me sad is to see a person lose themselves in the pursuit of something. If a person changes for the better yet still retains his/her character, i say brilliant but if a person changes and looses his orginal personality(reminds me of Frankenstein) i say this person needs a break because he no longer has a mind to formulate his own opinions and tends to just live by on the details of his activites which everyone, present during those activities, would know. This is where is ask, how can that person actually stand out from the rest without his opinion. Yes, there are times when 2 or more people have the same opinion, however the fact is that while their opinion is the same, at least they do have a opinion compared to none at all.

I do know that loads of people think that having an opinion can negative or can get one into trouble however i really do think otherwise. I have found that by learning a person's opinion has actually made me think otherwise of a person in a good way. I have always stood by my stand of everyone having their own opinion and are entitled to it, that is where blogs come in: to be able to voice your opinions without being asked to and without being reprimanded for it.

I may sound blunt but that is really who i am: blunt and straight to the point unless i have a motive behind doing otherwise. I have never meant to hurt anyone through the presence of my blog. If i have i apologize. If i have made you feel anything but good about anything, i say i am sorry and i suggest that you do not read my blog. I say be yourself and do what you believe in, take in the views of others especially those close to your heart. If you do not consider me a close friend or anything along that line, i say do not take to mind what i have to say. I do accept that i often talk nonsensical and ramble on, i could possibly be doing so right now. So this is where i leave this matter to be-in your hands.


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