Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Hearing my mum curse the lady who cut my hair is hilarious, direct translation is "I'll go whack her on her head with this pan. " With the arrival of the holidays and being able to spend more time at home which translates into spending more time with my mum also translates into more time for me to irritate her in a good way. Its actually quite hard to actually write down what i would be telling her as it is mostly in guju. This is exactly what amazes me at times, how i can just associate speaking with my mum with guju, considering the lack of MT for more than 7-8 months now. Teasing my mum and irritatin her into making stuff for me is something without which i cannot say that it is a holiday.

I have no idea but i have been feeling absolutely extra restless today which results in me not being able to sit down and concentrate on a single topic. I have started blog hopping again and came across a couple of interesting things: American Indian blogs, more food blogs, JKhoo's blog on how Fabio speaks and pronounces(i can actually imagine Fabio speaking in that manner). What seems to make this restless feeling worse is the guilty conscious which in reality is supposed to get me back at my desk. The lack of updates on my classmates blogs, the offline status of most of my classmates except for Evelyn, the heat and the summer rain which makes me even more restless, the urge to cook up something, the urge to watch TV etc is just making me restless. I think i have mentioned restless a couple of times now, so i think it is pretty obvious that i am indeed very restless. Gosh, i have no idea what is wrong with me. I haven't accomplised much for any topic. I guess the consolation is that i do know the stuff well for the topic which i started with.

I think i can cut myself some slack and slack of for tonight and get back to plan(there is no plan/timetable...haha besides just revising) tomorrow morning. I think i should go roller blading and swimming to work all the extra energy off. Thats a good idea...lets see if i actually stick to it...haha

Oh i just realised that i have taken to blogging at this time between 8-9pm. I have no idea why but i get this feeling that there is a reason for doing so. Could be coincidence, i could be thinking about it cause i am restless, there could be a reason behind my blogging at these times or maybe it could be a mixture of all three, i haven't got the slightest inclination.


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