Monday, June 05, 2006

Weird happenings

Today was the day when i had to go down to Orchard Rd with my mum and her best friend. The day started out with visiting the High Indian Commision aka the Indian Embassy for my aunt who had to get her visas done.

This is where all the weird things start. Since it was not specified on the website or even when my aunt collected the forms that there was a need for a photocopy of the front page of the Passport. Since there was no service for photocopying at the embassy itself, i had to run down to takashimaya from grange road and back. What surprised me was the amount of time i needed to run to and fro:8 mins flat, considering the lack of exercise etc.

The next weird thing that happened was my mother pressing me to get stuff for myself when she is always the one who is always complaining that i spend on unnecessary stuff when all my cupboards are full and i never get out of my usual clothes. I liked a pink and white Pocillini hand bag and my aunt treated me to it. Gosh, its always fun going shopping with Females older then you who try to relive their youth by getting nice things for their daughters/friend's daughters or just out of the kindness of their heart, or maybe its a mixture of both and i think in my case it was the 2nd reason being the dominant want and the 1st reason being a subtle unconscious one.

When i was completely exhausted at the Singapore Airline's office at Paragon and my mum who always wanted to speak to her friend's son who is the same age as me who is in Melbourne who did one of those fast train programmes and is in Uni now(forgive me for all the who's and long windedness, i guess i am just tired), decided to call him up. Now this is where the weird part comes in. He inquires about me and asks to speak to me !! I ask why ? Ok, i do know he is a guy that has a nice nature etc, yada yada. We have never exactly been on talking terms not in a bad way but because we have never found any time i guess. Does he still remember what i told him through my mother who told his mother who told him what i said when he was leaving? That was actually how a large part of our conversations took place. Gosh maybe he is just being nice and is deciding to be nice. Oh and if you ever come to my blog, just wanna say thanks for inquiring, its a nice feeling and i am sorry for not asking about how you are and how's life there. Your voice isn't as deep as it used to be, its nice to hear that you lost some weight and i hope that you get to have a couple of bars of chocolate at Melbourne and do not get some ailment related to the lack of chocs. Well i can't wait to chat with you once you are back from Melbourne which will most probably be next year and when you get time off NS.

The final and most weirdest thing that happened, is the lady at the hair salon that always cuts my hair did somthing weird and left me with hair thats just below the length of my earlobes but above my shoulders. It looks alrite right now. I am not to enthusiastic about it. Actually, come to think of it, this is how i always feel after any haircut. I really need time to get used to my new look which is really a look that i have never had. I hope it grows fast go that i can get it layered either after the A's in Singapore or India.

I am really exhausted now, i am happy with my gift of a new handbag, i guess i will be using it during the hols after A's. Its a nice simple bag. It suits me. Whats really great about shopping is the company actually more than the act of shopping for me as shopping is not retail theraphy for me. It makes me hungry and tired which makes me sleep which is actually not a good thing considering that i will tell my mother to go to sleep when she comes to wake me up at 10 tomorrow morning and i will start my actual revision and mugging late. Well i think i will add a little more slacking to my slacking done today more before I eat and hit the sack smiling while thinking about all the wonderful but weird happenings of today.


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