Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Final Soccer Match: MJ vs VJ

I guess there have been loads of people beside the soccer team and me who have been looking forward to this day. School and lessons were the same as always with slight variations as to who gets to the Econs lecture theatre earlier and who is teasing who about what. The only lesson that i remember anything about today is the last lesson before we were dismissed to watch the soccer match: Geography. Mrs Chua's ex-students came back and when evelyn and her ventured out to chit-chat, I sneaked up and closed the front door and looked it and closed the curtains of the geog room. Wan Wen's Ipod was then utilised and music was blasting from the speakers and a picture taking session that had begun from taking pictures on the field with the soccer players of our class. When Mrs Chua finally decided to venture back, she threatened us and we meekly let her in and pleased her with our knowledge of knowing the kinds of winds and their directions.

I apologise to all JC1 councillors from now if i offend anyone of you, however it seems to be proven now on a daily basis the ineffieciency of the Jc1 councillors, in other words they are horrible at their job (this could be a generalisation as i do not know anyone from the new council personally and the possibility of improvement is there) as there was absolutely no co-ordination in anything, the cheers had to be led by the ex-council and they could not appeal to the general crowd.

When our class was finally allowed to make our way to the porch to get onto our bus, I passed down the message to rush for the bus like how we always do for Econs lecture however this time round we will be running as a class. The minute it was confirmed that all of us were on the same bus, Andy took off as promised with me following closely behind (Andy was supposed to make way for me as i was holding the plac cards that have very high wind resistance and take up a lot of space when running) followed by the rest of the class. Our sprint took over 3 other classes that were let off much earlier than us and we managed to grab the back seats and other premium seats due to the choice available to all of us. The bus ride like last year was filled with our class as the main producer of most sound on the bus, due to the continuous "rehersing" of cheers, the passing around of plac cards for the enitre class to write their little messages for the Soccer players and the creation of the new tactic as the get the best seats.

Upon arrival at the stadium and the discovery of where the enterance is, the secret mission of taking over almost half of the classes earlier began with Andy who was in the lead but got caught up behind. I remembered seeing this relatively tall malay guy in a white polo tee and black track pants at whom i looked when he continued to look at me and smiled when i had absolutely no response. So i just dismissed as that guy as cross-eyed or dazed from soccer practice until i heard Andy's shriek "oii its Fandi Ahmad". Due to my absolute ignorance of the S-league and all and how Fandi looks now, i had not recognised the guy, this ignorance will once again be repeated towards the end of the match.

With this incident left behind and the main priority of getting good seats came back to us, the whole class, being the epitomy of kiasuism, rushed up the stairs and took ages till we decided to get the 3rd row right behing the team.

The match kicked off on a great start with MJ being in possesion for quite a fair bit which resulted in Zul scoring a goal. However the refree was no doubt biased in a lot of ways and was the worst when he sent of J Khoo( number 2) of the pitch with a red card for absolutely no darn reason and awarded VJ with a penalty which for thank god was saved.

Right when MJ was winning 2-1 with 4 more minutes to go, the tables turned around as the Victorians tried tricks on both accounts by creating a whole lot of confusion right in front of the goalpost so that the Mjc soccer guys were helplessly trying to figure out where the ball was. Its not like the goalkeeper can't save, as proven otherwise on loads of countless incidents, and the entire blame cannot be put on a single person.

However i will say one thing: This years team wasn't as untied as last year especially this years J1s who seem as if the are living of the glory of last year's team. Whats worse is the fact that soccer being a team sport requires need everyone's effort to the max which seemed to be lacking at times on Thursday. Call me biased but from what i have seen for a couple of matches before the final, the midfielders often had to dribble the ball from their side to the goal post which they often cannot thanks to the horrible guys who constantly tag them. It was really obvious as to the lack of cohesiveness in the team that resulted in the score difference.

At the end of the match, i felt tears rolling down my face and heard myself screaming and cheering for the team especially when they bowed to us. It was great to see the support of the whole school being there, despite the result. Despite everything, i still feel that the team had tried its level best which was definitely a couple of notches higher than Vj's stooping to dirty tricks to win.

Once the tears stopped just as abrubtly as they had started, i was wondering as to how to pass the plac cards to the guys and decided the pass them to the new female soccer coach/2nd coach: Anderson who said something about not being around and called this other guy who i guessed was brazilian and a friend of Fabio's, so when this guy, who actually looks quite good came up to me, i just told him: could you please pass this to Adher and anand. And when he seemed a lil confused i just told him to pass to the players and they will know whose his whose and said thanks and turned around. Once i turned around, i heard this whole outburst beginning from Vanessa, Radiah and Nursilla who burst out asking me what i was asking this national soccer player about etc. Marilyn's response was the classic one: Aneesha! what was you motive huh? Couldn't you go talk to that Ah Pek (refering to Anderson) huh? With all this noise and the identity of this guy being mysterious or rather unknown to me, i was simply dazed. I have forgotten then exact name of this player, will edit this post when i get the name of Nurc or Rad, however i think it was pronounced as Igma, if i am not mistaken(update: name is Egmar Goncalves and position forward). So ignorance of the Singapore National Team etc was proven on Thursday, however, i could have gotten those cards signed by him, if he was indeed that great a player for the soccer guys.

Oh well, life is an interesting thing as anyone can testify to, filled with unexpected occurences and sudden twists in reality that makes everything seem like a horrible dream. Thanks to Ms Lai, who is Da Woman, today(friday) is a public holiday and the beginning of the June holidays that require much to be done. Well i guess i will say my Good nite now and head off to bed and fall asleep watching the stars and the moon....Gd nite and Sweet Dreamz to all....


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