Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bored and Restless

This weekend has been bad, i can't focus. I feel like doing something but do not feel like actually doing something like studying. The pressure is mounting but i am closing one eye to it now. I can't stand myself right now.

Well i am glad that there is only one more week of school. I think its the school that is making me restless. At least when Study Break starts i will be able to work on my own time schedule-not written out. It would be great to blade in the hot afternoon, without sun block and come back all the more dark, followed by a great cool shower, study for a bit more, have dinner and then work on something random before snoozing off. Gosh, the ironic thing is that i will not be following this every single day as my head creates a new timetable for every single day, working around planned events.

I feel guilty for not having done any productive studying this weekend. Gosh i just can't wait for school to end. I am absolutely sure that its the school that is taking a toll on me and making me go all the more bonkers than usual.

I think a cold shower is in place for right now - to cool down the energy i have in me. Ugh, the heat.


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