Thursday, August 10, 2006

A poem left on my tagboard

Best Friends.
An unspoken love -
Stronger than romance
Lasting forever
Developed silently
Devoted and well-kept
(With) A soft smile on a bad mood

A short and simple poem that left me feeling much better along with a message: heys sis...dats really sho shweet of u to mention bout me !!! gal dere's always ups n downs in life but nvr gif up hope. make da best out of da worst situations k u r strong i noe it.

Afterall, Heena is my best friend and knows me inside-out without a doubt. Hey that rhymes. Thanks dear Sis, for making my day as i saw this in the morning. Thanks for everything again. Will definitely have this poem in my heart forever and will be the bond that keeps us going for years to come.


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