Monday, August 14, 2006

A poem by Guri Mehta

I found this poem on Guri Mehta's blog. I enjoy reading her blog as its inspiring because it makes me appreciate the little things in life and take into consideration things other than what is on the face value. Her blog address is Below is the poem that she had put up.

Is it true
when you’re blue,
and you yelp
for help,
it is you
you are calling, who
can help.

Only you,
And no one new
knows the valleys
and the vistas
of your heart, like
the night
knows the sun
is right --
around the corner.

Have patience
my friend,
For there is a light
Deep within your night
That knows exactly,
how to chase
away the darkness.

Morning dew will wash
away the melancholy
has entered your spirit
as a visitor,
and settled in
as the smug master.

I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts that i do not like poems much. Its true, i do not like the poems that we get for Paper 8. I like poems that are simple. Actually i like things to be simple. However, in real life there is only so much that we can do to keep things simple, especially relationships. Maybe they are meant to be complicated or they become complicateddue to our efforts to simplify them. I have absolutely no idea as to which one holds truth. Do you?


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