Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hated something and Then it grew on you later...

Have you ever hated something( i specify something and not someone ) and then it grew in you to such an extent that now when its all worn out, you cannot convince yourself to throw it away? I have that feeling right now. Its a t-shirt of mine, its plain blue- a unique shade of blue that i have never found a match for today, with a tight orange v-neck and a few tinges of orange in on the short sleeves with a small purple rose at the bottom-front and a larger version at the back that is encircled in orange with a french phrase above it. I wore it to school twice during orientation last year and remember asking Fuad to translate but he wasn't sure. I couldn't stand this t-shirt of mine about 3 years back - mostly due to its baggy-ness, its weird colour combination of blue, orange and purple and the difficulty to match it with a bottom. Back then i wanted my tops and bottoms to match (not same colour but in my own sense of matching- do not ask how i can't even remember it now) but now it just matters that i have matching earrings, rings that i can mix n match with my clothes.

Now that I can fit into it much better, i am beginning to appreciate it. I love my loose clothes as much as my others so its size isn't a matter. Its just its light faded look that makes me value it more. It isn't worn out yet and i still consider it on the same level as my bright orange Olive Oyl t-shirt. Actually its kind of hard to describe how i grew to like it so much.

Oh well, i think i need to get a hobby besides simply blogging and reading blogs. This Study break wasn't spent as well as i wanted it to be. Its ok, i just need my drive to get studying again. But i shall not procrastinate under any circumstances.

'Nite all.


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