Monday, August 28, 2006

Such a nice productive day it was

As much as the title makes me sound like one happy factory worker, I am actually a classic Singaporean Student that is being unnerved by the upcoming Prelims and subsequent A levels.

Despite today being the 1st official day of the study break, I felt great entering school at 10.30pm today without any fear of offering an explanation to get a late form. I couldn’t help but laugh secretly in my brain at the J1s for their day filled with lessons.

The consultation proved well, the lecture was productive followed by the enthusiastic discussion spearheaded by Vanessa that did result in some ambiguous decision being made.

In all, I feel happy which explains my silly, happy grin I had plastered on my face in the canteen today while waiting for Geog Lecture to begin.

A random addition that is unrelated to the main reason for blogging right now:
The airport is a fascinating place that provides loads of opportunities to catch glimpses of eye-candies. I specify that it is plural and not singular. The pilots, the soldiers, the locals, the tourists to Singapore and those that are waiting for a transfer flight are a great source of eye-candy. Also, the ride back home was great.

This allows me to take a great sigh and be a contented woman for the night.

P.S: Is it me or do I sound absolutely uncanny? I feel I sound a bit like Vanessa and Wan Wen in this post. Also the last line is really corny-as if I have never had contented nights before. Oh and please do not read too much into that last line. Ha ha.

Nitey Nite then


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