Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Summer Dresses designer- Marc Jacobs

I am completely in love with Marc Jacobs designs especially his dresses.

Not only are they easy to wear, they can be modified as per the whims and fancies of the person who wears it. The material he uses most of the time is Chiffon and Silk(its a different form that is cooling). It just so happens that these two materials are my absolute favourite along with cotton being the third.

Also his signature patent and rubber sandals are a great comfort. They are compatable with heals that allows the ladies to walk around for hours without their heels aching and still look amazing. (sorry, i find it quite a hassle to upload pictures, so do Google or go to Oprah's website to have a look at his collections.)

His formal dresses are simply breathtaking. He has a unique style that makes the clothes suit those that wear them rather than the cutomers suiting the clothes.

Being a person who believes in making clothes suit the person rather than the inverse, Marc Jacobs is definately on my list for places to get clothes from once i start earning and receiving my own paycheck.

Besides dresses, he designs for Men, designs accesories, handbags as well as other things that i can't recall.

Just can't wait to go shopping there, in the near future - i hope.


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