Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why all the differences?

Today's Gothic lecture was interesting and very informative. The questions that i am left with is what is the point of contention between the Jews, Muslims and the Christians? Are they so different that armed conflicts result so easily? With thousands being killed, even more being homeless and the rest left at a disadvantage and scorn from others not involved. There is so many simlarities between the three religions so why pick a fight over the minute details? It is not like they have different routes, they all come from the same source.

I have always been interested in the world religions and all the minor ones as well. This is because i feel that somewhere at the crux of all these religions, there is some similarity that can resolve all the religious conflicts in the world. It is because of this interest, I plan to read up about all the religions thoroughly after my A levels.

I am just interested in knowing about all religions. Please do not think that i am siding any religion except for that i practice and also even then, i am open to discussion.

Differences were also higlighted by my dear hilarious class when we had to make the video for our CT. It was crappy to such a point that it was hilarious to act it out. I hope we can get it from the council, it would be cool to have it as a reminder of how crazy the class can get and that includes me.

All i can wish for is that the video doesn't turn out horrible and embaress the class or Mrs Logan - although i doubt it would. I have faith in our creativity, our tweety bird steps and the Egyptian walk like that Dari and I did for fun.


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