Thursday, September 21, 2006

1 hurdle down

I was disapppointed that i did not feel ecstatic at 11.01 am today. The end of the Prelims joy was just that of feel that sun beat down on the numb skin of mine from the freezing hall after 3 hours. Also, the joy that i felt was not due to the fact that the A levels are over but rather the reassurance that my allergy was not as bad as i thought it would be after the sneezing spree i had this morning after my shower.

After all the prelims were just a hurdle that we (especially me, after those dismal grades i got for the Mid-year) had to pass before we could make it too the end. I quote Vanessa who says it is simply a "temporary respite" right now before we head into the month of November.

Actually for all of this week i am looking forward to 11.01 am on the 23rd of Nov more than i looked forward to 11.01 am today.

I simply do not want to comment about how the exam papers were and how i fared because i choose not to remember. The only thing i feel is that i really really do hope that i can achieve decent grades for all my subjects, this is a huge fervent hope that i am harbouring right now. Well - who would be insane enough not hope for the same thing as well. (If there is someone who has wished contrary before, please do not take offense.)

All i want is a refreshing sleep for tonight and a relexing day tomorrow. Also, i do not want the rest of my life to rush past me like how this week did. I quote Wan Wen this time round as she prefers her life to be one that " struts in style". That is a really amazing way to put it. But i really think it does not apply to my life considering how i rarely ever strut, i take huge strides especially when i am alone. I really do want to stop and appreciate whats around me and internalise it so that i can have these memories with me forever.


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