Friday, September 15, 2006

Familial Ties - their importance

Watching Smallville just now just made me realise how weak the familial ties at home are.

I have no idea what all of us are doing puttig on this act. It has come to such a point that everyone is so distant that this living seems like a really bad joke that is not funny to those in the situation at all. Its a joke to those who have great familial ties in their family and even though they do not say it out loud, their trust and faith in each other will never let them apart.

I have no idea what my parents are living for these days. It seems that my mum is just living to see me achieve good A level grades, get a great career etc and not end up with a husband that she got. As for my dad, i really have no idea. What is it tht he really wants? I have asked so many times but he never gives a answer and rebutts with what is it that i want.

There have been countless times that when i am studying, those horrid scenes just pop into my head and make me feel down before i rationalise with myself. There is simply no use on dwelling on the past, all i can do is to accept what has happened as i can't change anything that has happened and move on with the future and what it has in store for me.

Despite all my rationalisation, i just can't control all the questions that just pop up and all the replaying of those scenes in my head when minutes seemed like hours and how every simgle second outside the house for me was held precious as it prevented me from giving up and doing the wrong things.

Well, i must continue without a doubt. Today was a complete waste in the sense that i didnt get no econs done or anything academice done.

Bust as long as i stand my ground, i should be able to face all those storms that are heading my way be it convectional or monsoonal or just plain freaks of nature.


Anonymous matthieu said...

it's a bit tough for me to understand everything.
but your perception exist and it's expressed
bonjour (:

2:05 PM  
Blogger AnneJ said...

oh thanks. Why don't you try this website to translate websites:

8:04 PM  

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